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Update RedmineInstall about support of ruby-1.8.7 (or not) in Redmine 2.2+

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While trying to install Redmine 2.2.3 with "standard / distro" ruby (1.8.7-p352) on Ubuntu Linux 12.04LTS 64bit, I faced unexpected "Error 500" when reaching some parts of the webapp, like these routes:
  • /settings
  • /my/account

After investigating in for related issues, I found that reverting changeset r10844 (introduced for feature #12475 in 2.2.0) actually solved these problems (see patch details in #12861-12).

Questions / Proposals

Is there any other solution than patch revert-r10844.diff to be able to install Redmine 2.2.0+ with ruby-1.8.7 ? I know, that 1.8.7 sounds quite old a few days after ruby 2.0.0 came out, but recent operating system versions (like Ubuntu 12.04LTS) are still providing by default 1.8.7, hence the importance to decide if upcoming Redmine releases will be compatible with ruby-1.8.7, or not.

In a first step, I propose to improve RedmineInstall by removing support ruby-1.8.7 since Redmine 2.2.0 or put a warning and reference to a possible issue planning to restore support of 1.8.7.

But maybe, there is a "pure configuration" way to make Redmine 2.2.3 run with ruby-1.8.7... if yes, that would be very useful to explain it in RedmineInstall.

Stack Details:

My setup is using Redmine 2.2.3 on a stack based on Ubuntu Linux 12.04LTS 64bit, with following official distro packages installed:
  • DBMS: PostgreSQL 9.1.8
  • Ruby 1.8.7 (2011-06-30 patchlevel 352) [x86_64-linux])
Required gems are bundled with Redmine Gemfile:
  • Rails: 3.2.12
  • ...

Related Issues:

  • "Breaking" Feature 'Lazy loading of translation files for faster startup': #12475, since 2.2.0
  • "Error 500" Problem Reports where patch revert-r10844.diff, is documented: #12861 and #12900
  • Other Problem reports probably suffering of the same problem (both uses ruby-1.8.7): #12673 and #12739

Related issues

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I close this issue because both Redmine 2.2 and Ruby 1.9.7 1.8.7 are no longer supported.

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