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Collapse doesn't work with section edit link

Added by Vadim Pushtaev over 11 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Collapsed with collapse macro sections don't have an edit link. More than this, all following edit links don't work properly, because service-side numeration take into account all sections, even collapsed, but client-side doesn't.


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Actions #1

Updated by Vadim Pushtaev over 10 years ago

I can't reproduce the “more than this” part.

Considering the first part. Here is what we have in app/helpers/application_helper.rb (line 527):

macros = catch_macros(text)
parse_sections(text, project, obj, attr, only_path, options)

catch_macros is a mutator, all instances of {{ macro ... }} in text are placed with {{macro(N)}}, so there is no chance parse_sections can see <h1>... inside. I don't know whether it was made on purpose or not, but I believe you can reject this issue.

Actions #2

Updated by Asaf H over 10 years ago

It happens to me as well (the part before the "more than this").
Is there a reason you suggested rejecting this issue?

Actions #3

Updated by Vadim Pushtaev over 10 years ago

It's not exactly a bug, it looks more like a feature.

Actions #4

Updated by Asaf H over 10 years ago

Maybe an unavoidable behavior, but a feature?
If there are sections inside a collapser, why shouldn't the user be able to edit them?
I think it's best if the formatter treats the collapse as a section. That way you can edit the entire collapse, or any section within it, same as you would any section.

Actions #5

Updated by Vadim Pushtaev over 10 years ago

Yeah, it would be perfect and natural, but unfortunately macros are just not made this way.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 7 years ago

  • Related to Defect #26974: Collapse macro conflicts with header section edit buttons added
Actions #7

Updated by Marcin Szewczyk about 1 year ago

Hi, in the 5.0.3 version the problem is still present. I attach a one-line patch that I intend to test on production (5.0.3) someday soon. For now I've tested it with version 4.2.3. app/helpers/application_helper.rb doesn't contain many changes between those versions so the patch should be still relevant. Testing via wiki edition (headings inside collapse, headings with inline code, TOC), running rake test and ruby test/helpers/application_helper_test.rb suggests it's OK. Although, I must admit that I may be missing something as I don't understand how the patch from r8841 fixed some of the problems. My ruby skills are almost nonexistent so I'm probably missing some scope nuances.

Actions #8

Updated by Go MAEDA about 1 year ago

I have confirmed the issue and the patch posted in #note-7 fixes the issue.

Wiki page content:

h1. Test-13723

h2. foo

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

h2. bar

test test

With the patch applied:


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