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Linking and Wiki syntax

Added by Paul Rivier about 16 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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Using a Wiki syntax is sufficiently efficient for headers, bold, emphasized text and some more basic formating.
But it falls short when coming to linking to other wiki pages, or other issues, other projects etc. Most of us are power users, so we know how to workaround this. We open multiple tabs, type wiki document in one tab, browse in an other tab to find what we want to link, then open wiki syntax reminder to see what the textile link syntax precisely is, and finally type the correct reference in the wiki text box.
But a less advanced user can not do that. Worse, (s)he would probably type most of its document, leaving linking to the end of the process, then browse from its current document tab to find reference ... and lose all the work done!

We need a references browser. It would take the form of a button in the syntax toolbar. When clicking, a small menu would appear, proposing to link to
  • external references (in this case, just provide the link and the label)
  • internal reference
    • select project in list
      • select type of reference in :
      • wiki page (chose in a list, narrowing as you type content in a text-box at the top)
      • issue (check boxes for open, closed, etc, then chose in the list, narrowing as you type ...)
      • other types of content.

Plone has a very easy to use and powerful reference browser. Some more inspiration can be taken from it.

What do other users think ? Does someone has a plan for that ?

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Updated by Curtis Stewart almost 16 years ago

As we build more of the help and other documentation in the wiki pages it would be very helpful to have the list of available links.

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Updated by Paul Rivier almost 16 years ago

So, any plan for that ? Any taker ? I can't do that before a couple of months at least, but hopefully this will eventually reach the top of my todo list. I still think this represent a big usability improvement.

message to Jean-Philippe : I sent to you 3 or 4 emails in the past 2 months, and did not receive any reply. Do you still read your address at yahoo ? Thanks

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 13 years ago

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