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Display a target version's date if available in issue forms, as a tooltip

Added by Olivier Houdas almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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In our company, we feel that the target version field is very useful for planning our activity.

However, when displaying an issue, it only shows the version name, and the info on the planned release date (or effective for released versions) is not easy to find in the Redmine site.

A solution could be to add the date as a tooltip over the target version name.

Attached is a patch to do so. Feel free to include it in Redmine's code, at the suggested location, or even at a lower level (projects_helper.rb ?), or in all places where link_to_version is called...

This patch affects only the Issue page view.


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Actions #1

Updated by Olivier Houdas almost 10 years ago

Sorry, it's better to format the date before displaying it. v2 patch attached.

Actions #2

Updated by Go MAEDA almost 10 years ago

I tryed the patch on trunk and works fine.

Although it is useful, target versions are also displayed elsewhere(for example, issues/index). User interfaces should keep the consistency.

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Updated by Olivier Houdas almost 10 years ago

OK, so just for fun:
Added version date tooltip in Roadmap (app/views/versions/index.html.erb), in Gantt
(lib/redmine/helpers/gantt.rb) and in issue lists (app/helpers/aplication_helper.rb)

I did not do it for the calendar... it makes little sense to add the date there.

Note that I have a doubt on the change for getting the tooltip in issue lists, as this affects very generic code used in places that I don't master fully.

The v3 patch attached includes previous changes.

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Updated by Daniel Felix almost 10 years ago

Well I think this would be cool and the change isn't really big. :-)

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 10 years ago

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  • Target version set to 2.6.0
  • Resolution set to Fixed

Change done in #link_to_version to have the same behaviour in different places.

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Updated by Go MAEDA almost 10 years ago

Thank Olivier Houdas and JPL.

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Updated by Go MAEDA about 9 years ago

  • Related to Feature #19350: Add version date in issue detail and Gantt added

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