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Custom field reordering isn't working at a lot of places

Added by Mischa The Evil almost 16 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

Custom fields
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After feature request #477 revision r901 introduces custom-field reordering. Though this implementation seems to be (mostly) not working.

My own review log which is quite detailed:

* issue.custom_fields    -> Are not reordered at all:
                - not in the issue-view (@ /issues/show/xxxissuexxx)
                - not for the appearance of it's column in the main issuelist-view (@ /issues)
                - not for the appearance of it's column in the project's issuelist-view (@ /projects/xxxprojectxxx/issues)
                - not in the issue edit-view (@ /issues/edit/xxxissuexxx)

* project.custom_fields  -> Are reordered partly:
                - not in the projectoverview-view (@ /projects/show/xxxprojectxxx)
                - it actually works in the edit-view (@ /projects/settings/xxxprojectxxx)

* user.custom_fields     -> Are reordered partly:
                - not in the account-view (@ /account/show/xxxuserxxx)
                - it actually works in the admin's account edit-view (@ /users/edit/xxxuserxxx)
                (user's edit-view isn't available at all (see #524 for the issue and #242 for an older patch))

* timelog.custom_fields  -> Are reordered partly
                - works fully in the general timelog edit-view (@ /projects/xxxprojectxxx/timelog/edit/xxxtimelogentryxxx)
                - works fully in the issue's timelog edit-view (@ /timelog/edit?issue_id=xxxissuexxx)
                (timelog's details-view (@ /projects/xxxprojectxxx/timelog/details) is missing columns for timelog.custom_fields at all (see #1766))
                (timelog's report-view (@ /projects/xxxprojectxxx/timelog/report) does contain the timelog.custom_fields columns though they are not reordered (order in the 'Add:'-list is a mess))

Issue Notes:

  • Category 'Custom Fields' isn't correct, but on purpose since this is related actually to some views of different category-items. This seems the best category of all...
  • Affected version 'devel' is party correct. Most certain this is also a defect on the 0.7 stable-branch.

IRC-log of discussion specific to issue.custom_fields:

Me: It doesn't hold any code ... to sort those fields like done in the admin-section. That means sorting of issue.custom-fields like implemented in r901 isn't what is meanted in #477 which therefore shouldnt be closed imho...

Eric Davis: I think it's right, the controller selects the fields in order by position.

Eric Davis: ah but your right, the latest code was refactored and it looks like it isn't checking that

Me: Indeed imo after r901 the fields should be rendered ordered like done in the admin.

Eric Davis: nm, acts_as_customizable automatically orders by position.

Eric Davis: but the UI isn't reflecting it...

Eric Davis: the code looks correct but the UI isn't reordering on my install.

Me: Thanks for the confirmation


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