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Share version of project and sub-project

Added by Fabio Patricio over 15 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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Possibility of creating a version in the main project and the same be used in sub-projects.

For exemple:

Main project: Test
Sub-project of main project: Sub-test

Create version "Release 1" in project Test and create issue with target version "Release 1" in project Sub-test.

Related issues

Is duplicate of Redmine - Feature #465: Inheritence of Versions to SubprojectsClosedJean-Philippe Lang

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Updated by Ewan Makepeace over 15 years ago


I am stuck as to how to group tasks across projects.

  1. With a custom field I can search across projects nicely, but it cannot be updated in Bulk Edit (deal breaker).
  2. With target versions I can search across parent and child projects (but not between unrelated projects) but it has odd behaviour, I can bulk edit within a single project only.

All I want is to label tasks for October, or Novemeber sprint for example, across projects. At the end of October I would like to quickly edit all the remaining open tasks to push them forward.

If target versions could be shared with subprojects I think that would become the better option, but for now custom fields are narrowly less painful.

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Updated by Sandor Irlanda over 15 years ago

I would be glad to have this feature as well.
As emphasized in this forum topic there are 4 thing should be matched to use subproject feature.
And actually for us only the 4th is valid (separate user groups), but - as I cannot prevent users changing others' issues - it became very important.
Sharing target versions would be great.

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Updated by Paul Rivier over 15 years ago

there is a patch against current stable here : #465

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Updated by takuro monji about 15 years ago

+1 for including this in 0.9.

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Updated by Aniket Upganlawar almost 15 years ago


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Updated by Eric Davis over 14 years ago

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This sounds like a duplicate #465, which I'll be adding soon. If you could read through the discussion there and comment, I'd really appreciate the help.


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