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repository routing bug when file path starts with (browse|entry|raw|changes|annotate|diff)/

Added by Jens Krämer 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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Target version:4.0.0


If the first component of a path in a repository equals one of the strings above, the wrong route gets selected in the case of links without repository_id (as they are generated from wiki source: links to the default repository of a project) and the intended action is mistaken for the repository_id parameter. Attached is a patch to the repository routing test illustrating the issue.

I would suggest to change repository#identifier_param to always return an identifier (see second patch) and remove the repository routes without repository_id (rows 280ff in current config/routes.rb).

repository_routing_test.patch Magnifier - illustrates failure of route for certain path (555 Bytes) Jens Krämer, 2017-07-25 11:42

repository_identifier_param.patch Magnifier - always return a repository identifier (381 Bytes) Jens Krämer, 2017-07-25 11:42


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