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different estimated time units hours<>days per tracker type

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For product planning and project management, I propose in addition to Feature #1953
  • make unit of estimated time configurable (is a float anyway)
  • support time unit days in addition to hours (maybe even weeks and at least for the Feature tracker)
  • make this configurable differently for Feature/Support/Bug trackers.
To avoid the need to provide converting routines, when change of unit is allowed later
  • internally the unit could stay hour (estimated, spent) and
  • a day should equal 8 hours (or configurable amount).

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Although I think it should be per issue choice (replace the "Hours" label with a dropdown list).

#4 Updated by Oğuz Kağan Aslan almost 9 years ago

Our projects have small tasks, so in the dropdown menu a choice must be the "*minutes*".

#5 Updated by budo kaiman almost 7 years ago

+1 It would be great if redmine could detect and adjust the display format based on this.

value display
24.0 hours 3.0 days
0.5 hours 30 minutes
40.0 hours 1 week

It would also be nice to have mixed formats.

value display
48.0 hours 1 week 1 day
4.5 hours 4 hours 30 minutes

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  • Related to Feature #877: ability to vary the units used to track time added

#9 Updated by Alexandre WALLET almost 2 years ago

Up !
Use days/weeks is definitely a need for some projects containing hard or not direct steps.
It would be so handfull to set a start date and a estimated time so that the end date is calculated by itself and then appear in gant etc.

This is one of the basic limitation that is mainly reported by managers in my company.

This need has 11 years, so sad thing have not changed :(

#10 Updated by Thibaut CRD over 1 year ago

+1 !

This is a real need I think also to have the choice to get time expressed in hours or days, week, years

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