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Fix ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique errors when trying to add certain issue relations

Added by Holger Just 16 days ago.

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When adding issue relations, under certain conditions, it is not possible for the model validations to check whether a new relation can be added. This results in an ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique error to be thrown due to the UNIQUE index on the database.

There are two cases where this can occur:

The first case are race conditions with multiple quick attempts to add the relation which end up on multiple worker processes and are handled concurrently. This is a common (but generally rather unlikely) issue with all unique validations on models.

The second case (which in this case is a logic issue) is triggered if there already are directed relations between issues and a user tries to add the reverse relation. Consider this case:

  • There exists a precedes relation between issues 1 and 2.
  • The user tries to add a follows relation between issues 2 and 1
    • After validation but before save, the new relation is normalized in Relation#handle_issue_order to be saved as "1 precedes 2".
    • A save of this normalized relation triggers the uniqueness constraint on the database and results in an unhandled ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique error

The root cause of the issue is that the normalization happens after validation. This was moved from before_validation to @before_save in r3191. I guess his was done so that validation errors do not alter the displayed form with the validation errors.

The attached patch (which I extracted from Planio) tries to deal with this situation by handling the exception in the controller and to add a generic error to the model. This can handle both cases described above without an unhandled exception by showing a suitable error message to all clients.

0001-Handle-validation-errors-on-reverse-issue-relations.patch Magnifier (1.03 KB) Holger Just, 2017-12-01 16:45

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