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Addressing the test issues and spammer problems on

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It seems that people often create the test issues on, potentially due to low discoverability of the demo site for Redmine and the identical design of both and which is confusing.
To solve this problem, the following propositions might be the best:
1. Have a different landing page for (it's even better if it will be multilingual) which would look more modern, serve more of a presentation purpose and clearly point out that there is a demo site specifically for testing, then finally link to different modules of Redmine's Redmine. A great inspiration site for Redmine could be the one made for [Blender](
2. Edit the yellow box message when submitting the new issue (see the attachment), where the first line would be the explanation with the bold and red text, urging users not to submit test issues and instead use the Demo site.

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yellowbox.PNG (13.1 KB) yellowbox.PNG Anonymous, 2018-08-28 15:29
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Going to have to bump this one once!
+1 to my own ticket because I agree XD. Please feel free to add more ideas for the fix.

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Ok, I think we need to decide how we might go about this problem in the future, so feel free to propose more possible solutions if you have any. I made a minor JS script before, which informs users whenever they are about to visit from their self-hosted Redmine so they wouldn't be lost, but there are couple of problems:
  1. The alert message will then have to be localized in all the languages... I can't localize it on my own.
  2. It will still take many years before people will upgrade to the latest version, so it's not a fast solution even if the patch will get to one of the releases.

I think many people are also ending up being sad later due to tickets and documents which get lost...

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Updated by Anonymous over 5 years ago

Additional ideas I got recently:
1. Maybe rerouting domain via Cloudflare content delivery system, or anything similar (there is free plan, and it will be more than enough), could filter off a lot of unnecessary spammers, it has quite a tough security as far as I managed to experience, and it should create challenges for suspects for sure (please see There is also a quick button to force HTTPS, because currently you can visit via bare HTTP.

2. SMF Forum for instance, has an own quick dedicated help page with set of external links, maybe making something similar in Redmine could reduce the confusion for people who end up creating test issues on

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  • Subject changed from Addressing the test issues problem on to Addressing the test issues and spammer problems on
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In this morning, we had almost 200 spam tickets opened.


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