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Filter by subproject not working

Added by Particip IT almost 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Resolution:Invalid Affected version:3.4.6



When I use the filter "Subproject" and select a specific project, I still get all tickets regardless of what project they belong to.

Redmine version 3.4.6.stable
Ruby version 2.3.3-p222 (2016-11-21) [x86_64-linux-gnu]
Rails version 4.2.8
Environment production
Database adapter Mysql2
Git 2.11.0
Redmine plugins:
a_common_libs 2.4.7
easy_gantt 1.10
easy_mindmup 1.0
easy_wbs 1.5
redmine_base_deface 0.0.1
redmine_default_assign 0.6
redmine_editauthor 0.11.0
redmine_extended_watchers 1.0.5
redmine_issue_history 1.0.0
redmine_issue_templates 0.2.0
redmine_query_share 2.1.0
redmine_refresh 0.2.0
unread_issues 2.2.0

This is the trace of the search found in production.log:

Started GET "/redmine/projects/it/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93&set_filter=1&sort=id%3Adesc&f%5B%5D=status_id&op%5Bstatus_id%5D=c&f%5B%5D=subproject_id&op%5Bsubproject_id%5D=%3D&v%5Bsubproject_id%5D%5B%5D=47&f%5B%5D=&c%5B%5D=priority&c%5B%5D=due_date&c%5B%5D=cf_2&c%5B%5D=status&c%5B%5D=subject&c%5B%5D=estimated_hours&c%5B%5D=assigned_to&group_by=&t%5B%5D=" for at 2018-09-12 14:37:58 +0200
Processing by IssuesController#index as HTML
  Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "set_filter"=>"1", "sort"=>"id:desc", "f"=>["status_id", "subproject_id", ""], "op"=>{"status_id"=>"c", "subproject_id"=>"="}, "v"=>{"subproject_id"=>["47"]}, "c"=>["priority", "due_date", "cf_2", "status", "subject", "estimated_hours", "assigned_to"], "group_by"=>"", "t"=>[""], "project_id"=>"it"}
  Current user: VIB (id=5)
  Rendered queries/_filters.html.erb (14.0ms)
  Rendered queries/_columns.html.erb (1.6ms)
  Rendered queries/_query_form.html.erb (18.0ms)
  Rendered issues/_list.html.erb (256.6ms)
  Rendered plugins/redmine_issue_templates/app/views/issue_templates/_issue_template_link.html.erb (0.7ms)
  Rendered issues/_sidebar.html.erb (12.5ms)
  Rendered issues/index.html.erb within layouts/base (301.4ms)
  Rendered plugins/a_common_libs/app/views/hooks/a_common_libs/_html_head.html.erb (1.6ms)
  Rendered plugins/unread_issues/app/views/hooks/unread_isues/_add_css.html.erb (0.3ms)
Completed 200 OK in 844ms (Views: 345.8ms | ActiveRecord: 342.3ms)
Started POST "/redmine/ajax_counters/counters" for at 2018-09-12 14:37:59 +0200
Processing by AjaxCountersController#counters as JSON
  Parameters: {"counters"=>["17e931ec4650adbf9dd1e740717854fc", "8afabb878df82ab70b90895578e6c8e8", "3086ee8126035e5e23490275a08f0258"]}
  Current user: VIB (id=5)
Completed 200 OK in 7ms (Views: 0.2ms | ActiveRecord: 2.3ms)

Thanks for taking care of it

2018-09-12 14_30_03-Issues - IT - Redmine.png (3.14 KB) Particip IT, 2018-09-12 14:30

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Duplicates Redmine - Feature #3952: Filtering by subproject still shows current project's issues New 2009-10-01


#1 Updated by Holger Just almost 4 years ago

  • Category changed from Search engine to Issues filter
  • Status changed from New to Needs feedback

With the filter you have shown there, you should get all issues which belong either to your it project (i.e. the project you are currently in) or your "Website relaunch" project. If you are in a project, Redmine will always show the issue sin that project in addition to the issues from the selected sub-projects. To only show the issues in the sub-project please navigate to the project directly.

Does this already solve your issue?

#2 Updated by Particip IT almost 4 years ago

If that is the desired behaviour, then yes, this does resolve my issue. Sorry. I thought it would work differently. My mistake.

Thanks for the feedback.

#3 Updated by Marius BALTEANU about 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Needs feedback to Closed
  • Resolution set to Invalid

#4 Updated by Marius BALTEANU about 3 years ago

  • Duplicates Feature #3952: Filtering by subproject still shows current project's issues added

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