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Enhance project parent/child relationship

Added by Ted Wise about 17 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Right now there doesn't seem to be any particular functionality behind a parent/child project relationship. I'd like
to see the following:

  • Managers of parent projects have management access to sub-projects
  • Project settings are inherited by sub-projects (but overrideable)
  • Project artifacts can rollup to parent projects, e.g., a parent GANTT chart can show issues from all sub-projects
  • The project listing shows the relationship between projects, e.g., a sub-project is marked as being subordinate to
    a parent project

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Actions #1

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 17 years ago

In fact, for now, there's one functionality behind parent/child
project relationship: You can view the subproject issues in the
issue list of the parent project (using the subproject filter
that appears if the project has some subprojects).
I'll try to implement some more.


Actions #2

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 17 years ago

Point 3 is done.
I've just committed point 4. For sub-projects, parent project
name is added on project list and project overview.

Actions #3

Updated by Damien McKenna about 17 years ago

Jean-Phillipe: have you see MantisBT? It groups the project
listings as a heirarchy, e.g.:

  • Websites
    • intranet
  • Helpdesk
    • PCs
    • Servers

Being able to display projects like that would IMHo be a huge
usability boost.

Actions #4

Updated by Damien McKenna almost 17 years ago

Thanks for r703, this works really well.

Actions #5

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 17 years ago

The main projects list should also be displayed as a tree.
What do you think ?

Actions #6

Updated by Damien McKenna almost 17 years ago

Yes, it definitely would aid usability.

Actions #7

Updated by Philippe Lachaise almost 17 years ago


Actions #8

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 17 years ago

Do you have any suggestion concerning the view design ?
I may remove the pagination and display the projects as a simple
indented list (with no table).

Actions #9

Updated by Jesse Wolfe over 16 years ago


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Updated by Mark Elrod over 16 years ago


Actions #11

Updated by Mark Elrod over 16 years ago


Sub-projects should inherit versions from their parent and parent
project should combine the roadmaps, activities, etc. of its

Actions #12

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 16 years ago

Planned for 0.7

Actions #13

Updated by Ken Sands over 15 years ago

I'd like to see the repository creation to also use this, I use the parent projects almost as catagories which do not get repositories, the sub projects do, I'd like for the creation of a repository in a child project to create/use a directory by the name of the parent... or the name of the parent + "_Projects" or something so that they dont become branches in the parent's repo.

I'm going to try to hack this solution into my installation, when you get projects via soap.ProjectsWithRepositoryEnabled is there a parent project property returned at all?

Actions #14

Updated by Bill Tihen almost 15 years ago

I agree this is important for two reasons:

1) having sub-projects inherit their settings will simplify project creation -- especially in large complex project environments.
2) it will allow project management to scale over many sub-projects (expecially with the Gantt rollup feature -- which I think would by default need to include version tracking & many people have indicated the need for this with Versions.

So here is another vote for this to happen. In fact, we are now in the position of needing this to happen. We have the need to manage many sub-projects within the context of a "Parent/Corporate Project" and it's versions and deadlines.

I would be pleased to see if we as a community can define what is needed. (I think for my organization -- just the version/gantt sharing would be enough -- since that is what we need, but other features would be welcome too.

Actions #15

Updated by Robert Hopson over 14 years ago

I've got some interest in implementing Item 2 above (inherited project settings).

Because I could see settings management become very complex, I propose:

  • Adding a checkbox to all the forms under Settings labeled "Include Subprojects" that is displayed when a project has one or more subprojects. When the box is checked, the settings (or members, or versions...) are modified across all subprojects. This doesn't prevent different settings for subprojects, but does make it easy to "reset" all settings.
  • Possibly modify the new project form to automatically inherit settings with a similar checkbox.

Ultimately I could see listing/managing subproject settings under the parent's page; this might be especially useful for project members.

#4128 describes this as well.

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Updated by Etienne Massip over 13 years ago

  • Category set to Issues
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Updated by Roman Lukmanov over 11 years ago


Actions #18

Updated by Dipan Mehta over 8 years ago

+1 . Very important for Redmine that Parent/Child issues have stronger relationships, compared to 2 independent projects. One of the important thing is, that version should be transferable to subprojects.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 8 years ago

  • Related to Feature #4128: Copy project settings to subprojects added
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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 8 years ago

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  • Category changed from Issues to Projects

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