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Delete account not fully registered after an amount of time

Added by David Demelier about 2 years ago. Updated 23 days ago.

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Unfortunately I'm not enough skilled in ruby to propose a patch.

Like many other people, I'm affected by spammers that half-register themselves but do not complete inscriptions due their fake emails. So I constantly have a pile of half-registered users that pollute my database.

It could be nice if there was an option to automatically delete accounts that were not successfully registered after a given amount of time (example, 1 day by default or something like that).

What do you think?

30998.patch Magnifier (1.63 KB) Yuichi HARADA, 2021-04-19 02:31


#1 Updated by David Demelier about 2 years ago

For those who are interested, I usually process this easily by:

delete from users where status = 2;

Not sure if it's really safe while redmine is running though.

#2 Updated by Go MAEDA about 1 month ago

How about adding a rake task redmine:users:prune to remove users who have not completed their registration?

Redmine already has a similarly named rake task redmine:attachments:prune (source:tags/4.2.0/lib/tasks/redmine.rake#L20). The rake task deletes files that have been uploaded but not attached to an issue or wiki page.

#3 Updated by Yuichi HARADA 27 days ago

Go MAEDA wrote:

How about adding a rake task redmine:users:prune to remove users who have not completed their registration?

I created a rake task redmine:users:prune.

diff --git a/app/models/user.rb b/app/models/user.rb
index a3d2449d2..af65d5aaa 100644
--- a/app/models/user.rb
+++ b/app/models/user.rb
@@ -887,6 +887,10 @@ class User < Principal

+  def self.prune(age=1.day)
+    User.where("created_on < ? AND status = ?", Time.now - age, STATUS_REGISTERED).destroy_all
+  end

   def validate_password_length
diff --git a/lib/tasks/redmine.rake b/lib/tasks/redmine.rake
index 2bebaf18c..8cdf6f80f 100644
--- a/lib/tasks/redmine.rake
+++ b/lib/tasks/redmine.rake
@@ -40,6 +40,13 @@ namespace :redmine do

+  namespace :users do
+    desc 'Remove users who could not be activated after one day.'
+    task :prune => :environment do
+      User.prune
+    end
+  end
   namespace :watchers do
     desc 'Removes watchers from what they can no longer view.'
     task :prune => :environment do

#4 Updated by Go MAEDA 23 days ago

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