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Store inline autocomplete data sources in a JS variable

Added by Marius BALTEANU about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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Category:Code cleanup/refactoring
Target version:4.2.0


When I've implemented first the inline autocomplete feature (4.1.0) I chose to store the autocomplete data source path in a data attribute (data-issue-url) of each textarea field that support this feature. The solution touched 9 views files (r18444).

Since then, new requests came to support inline autocomplete for other sources like macros or wiki pages (#33425, #33820) and if we keep the current solution, we need to touch again the same files and add two new attributes. On a long term, the solution doesn't seem very efficient.

My proposal is to change the current implement and store all the paths in a JS variable, attached an working version.

Any feedback on this is really appreciated.

0001-Store-autocomplete-data-sources-in-a-JS.patch Magnifier (11.7 KB) Marius BALTEANU, 2020-10-16 08:23

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Revision 20191
Added by Go MAEDA 12 months ago

Store inline autocomplete data sources in a JS variable (#34122).

Patch by Marius BALTEANU.


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The change makes views clearner.

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Committed the patch. Thank you.

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