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context-menu on task

Added by Brice Beaumesnil 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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context-menu on right click on roadmap's or issues's page can be display in wrong place on Firefox browser (no problem on Chrome).

It's just because the div context-menu is append on content's div

On context-menu.js


need to be change. For example :


But it's need to be append to a full page DIV.



#1 Updated by Brice Beaumesnil 8 months ago

It's linked to the theme used (we use PurpleMine)

And they add this code :

    // Fix issue with context menu position
    if (this.$main.css('position') === 'relative') {
      $(window).on('load', function () {

It's work on Chrome but not on Firefox.

#2 Updated by Mizuki ISHIKAWA 8 months ago

I have also seen in the past how the context menu was misplaced.

I just opened the roadmap page and the issues page in Firefox to see how it works, and I was able to open them in the context menu without any problems. Do you know of any other conditions that might reproduce the problem?
Since I don't know the conditions under which the problem occurs, I can't confirm that the code works.

#3 Updated by Guillermo ML 8 months ago

Could be related to Graphical bug with redmine 4.2.3 ?
We use PurpleMine2 with redmine 4.1.X and couldn't reproduce the error.

#4 Updated by Brice Beaumesnil 7 months ago

Yes i think it's related to this bug (i'm on redmine 4.2.4)

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