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Mismatching main project and subproject

Added by Sirius Black 4 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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I was trying to create new subprojects by first creating a new main project and then adding the subprojects to it. Initially, everything seemed to work fine. However, later on, I noticed that some of the newly created projects, along with their subprojects, were being placed under existing projects. Eventually, the projects tab became rearranged, and all of the projects were mismatched. It's important to mention that all the project settings are correctly aligned with their respective subprojects. Now I'm stuck and unable to reverse the process or proceed with it. I've also restarted my server, but the issues persist. Please help.

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Updated by Go MAEDA 2 months ago

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Could you describe in more detail the problem you are facing?

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Updated by marcus schuetz about 2 months ago

Hello ....

by us, we have the same issue. We use the:

  • Redmine version 5.1.1.stable
  • Ruby version 3.3.0-p0 (2023-12-25) [x86_64-linux]
  • Rails version
  • Environment production
  • Database adapter PostgreSQL

In most times, the relations between project and subproject isn't correct rendered in html by the project overview page. We pointed to an incorrect SQL querry against the DB. The DB himself or better the content looks fine. see --> projects.parent_id =
The GANTT also provide the same issue. Completly remixed relations bewteen projects and subprojects. It looks funny ...

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Updated by marcus schuetz about 2 months ago

I fix it by myself. A LLM model gave me the correct hint. The break in the order and relations from project <-> subproject, came from the corrupt content by the columns "lft" and "rgt" in table projects. Here I follow the law of and all its fine. The reason for the broken data in the DB lies with us. In the past, we had tried to import existing projects directly into the DB, but this was not successful. The two columns rgt and lft became inconsistent. We will use the REST API for a second attempt to avoid such an accident in the future. I hope this helps with the troubleshooting of Sirius Black. Bye.

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Updated by Marius BÄ‚LTEANU about 2 months ago

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Also, you can rebuild the tree, please look after "redmine rebuild tree", there are multiple posts about this.

I'm closing this, please reopen if the issue persists.


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