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Support for remote Git repositories via RESTful API

Added by Alexey Palazhchenko over 14 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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It would be cool to implement support for remote Git repositories hosted on services like GitHub and Gitorious via their RESTful API.

GitHub API

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Updated by André H. over 14 years ago

This would be a great feature. For now I have to work around this with a stupid cronjob that pulls all changes from Github into a local repository on the server.

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Updated by Felix Schäfer over 14 years ago

I'm not sure if you'll ever get non-generic SCM adapters in Redmine (and to be honest, I'd rather see such thrid-party integration in a plugin than in core), and quite frankly, git manages multiple shared repos very well, but you could achieve a better integration than through a cronjob with "other" git repositories through the /sys/fetch_changesets action introduced in #2925 (although I'm not sure if Redmine would do a pull for you).

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Updated by Alexey Palazhchenko over 14 years ago

Yes, I know about cron jobs, but it's just not possible for cloud environments like Heroku.

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Updated by Warren Postma over 7 years ago

In 2016 I think it would make more sense to just make Redmine + Gitlab interaction richer.

Gitlab has:

1. Merge request workflow.
2. It has built in issue tracker but you can turn that off and link it to Redmine so you don't have to migrate away from Redmine's rich features.
3. It has a build automation system that can automate build, test, and deploy on a multi-fork, multi-branch git repository ecosystem, something that would be hell on earth to build into Redmine.

The reason we still use redmine:

1. All our wikis are in it, and our existing artifacts (bugs, tasks, epics, sprints).
2. We want one redmine project with multiple git repos, whereas gitlab's built in bug tracker is one-set-of-issues-per-git-project.

Currently redmine's git integrations are useless to us. But a REST api interaction between Redmine and Gitlab are incredibly rich in potential, and anyone interested in collaborating on that should contact me via warren dot postma at gmail dot com

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Updated by Warren Postma over 7 years ago

My proposal is on gitlab issues tracker here:


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