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Hello all,

Just wanted to say 0.6.0 of redmine is great and the rate at which redmine is updated is very impressive. We are ramping
up to use it company wide in the very near future. Alas, I have a few enhancement requests after using redmine in an
actual project.

1) It would be ideal to have the ability to edit a note after its been added to an issue. Currently, one can only edit
the original issue, but not any notes added afterwards.

2) The product roadmap seems to be a bit off? Currently, it seems as though the roadmap completion bar only fills up
when an issue that is associated with a product or a release is set to closed. This is misleading to the project managers
because when they look at the roadmap it is still at 0% completion but when they look at the issues in the release most
of them are 90% done. So the PMs get misled thinking that nothing has been done on the project.

3) Add colors to the issues. What I mean by that we are migrating from Mantis and the ability to assign an issue a color
is a wonderful visual aid. Currently, when a user clicks on the issues list all the issues are behind white background.
It would be a huge visual enhancement is the background the issue is listed in the table would be a different color
based on the user picking from a color wheel or a list of different colors (this would be in the issues configutration

4) Ability to sort by different columns in "My page". I believe currently, when you click on "My Page",
all that is visible is tracker and subject, It would be ideal if the "my Page" behavied like the issues page
by allowing you to sort by different columns by clicking on the header. Also it would be great if was customizable to
add additional columns (like priority) in the issues page. I would love to log in and go to "my Page" to see
what the highest priority issues are for me ton that day.

Sorry for so many requests and thanks again for all of your hard work. I know we here at our company appreciate all
of your effort. Have a great day.

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 16 years ago

Thanks for the feedback.

Point 2) is fixed in r908. Issues done ratio are now taken into
Eg. if you have a closed issue and an open issue done at 50
for a version, the completion percentage will be 75


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Updated by Rocco Stanzione over 16 years ago

+1 to number 1. On number 3, I'd also love to be able to color
code issues based on priority.

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 16 years ago

Concerning 3, have a look here:

The 'alternate' theme provided with Redmine makes the issue list
colorized based on priority.

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Updated by Filou Centrinov over 11 years ago

  1. It's possible to edit a note after its been added to an issue. (set of permission rules)
  2. Is fixed. Note 3 in this issue: #493#note-3
  3. More detailed in #4967
  4. See also #7769 and #12223. A link beneath the widget blocks directs you to the issue page where desired request can be fullfield.

May we can close this multi-issue?

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Please give Feedback until 25th April, if this one is still needed, otherwise this issue will be closed. Thanks! :-)

Best regards,

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