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email notification when related blocking issues get closed

Added by Manmathan Kumar almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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First of all I would like to thank you very much for creating and maintaining such a wonderful software.

Will it be possible to get email notification when related blocking issues change status to closed?

Related issues

Related to Redmine - Feature #4985: Filter issues which are blocked Closed 2010-03-04


#1 Updated by Shilkumar Nag almost 13 years ago

This is closed now

#2 Updated by Shilkumar Nag almost 13 years ago

Sorry its reopended as per the request

#3 Updated by Fernando Hartmann over 12 years ago

To my needs all the related issues, not only for the blockers, need to be notified.
I my opinion, if a "related issue" is closed all the watcher need to now.

#4 Updated by Sascha Kirchner over 12 years ago


#5 Updated by Fernando Hartmann over 11 years ago


#6 Updated by Robert Hailey over 11 years ago


Bugzilla (the last tracker system I used) did this, it helps to keep the initiative going, but might be replaceable by whine-emails with blocked items filtered-out.

#7 Updated by Robert Hailey over 11 years ago

I thought of a painless way to implement this, rather than bothering with a new class of email notification (or the like) simply...

  1. Add a new config option:
    1. "Related Status Notification"
      1. None
      2. Blocked Issues (Default)
      3. All Relationships
  2. On updating the status of a ticket:
    1. Trigger an 'update' to it's related issues, to add the following quasi-formated string to the related tickets: "#relationship #ticket-link-number-summary is now #new-status"

There is already a framework in place to send notification messages, and as a bonus reading the related tickets will have an easily perceived timeline effect (opened on this date, comment, unblocked, solved).

#8 Updated by Lucy Yevseyeva about 11 years ago


#9 Updated by budo kaiman over 7 years ago

+1 to Robert's idea of implementation. Even if this were implemented as a plugin, this functionality is quite important for productivity.

#10 Updated by Fridolin Tam over 6 years ago

Still no way to get a notification when a related ticket got closed? That was super nice..


#11 Updated by Bartłomiej Perz almost 5 years ago

Do we have any option for triggers? I need RM to act like shown below sample and I trying to find solution for that. Anyone has a solution how to activate triggers for that?


1. Issue No. 1 blocks Issue No. 2
2. When Issue No. 1 is 100% done, or ststus changed for Finish (all types) then:

a) Issue No. 2 changes its status for example from suspended to new - (automatic E-mail nottification to users)
b) or Redmine sends E-mail nottificaton that blocking Issue No. 1 is finiched or has 100%
c) or Issue No. 2 gives E-mail nottification to users as it is doing when issue is created.

Best Regards

#12 Updated by Bartłomiej Perz almost 5 years ago

Someone, something?

#13 Updated by Go MAEDA almost 5 years ago

Bartłomiej Perz wrote:

Someone, something?

Maybe no one is currently working on this issue. If someone writes a patch to implement this feature, there will be a possibility of being merged into Redmine core.

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