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Subcategories or multiple category tags or multi-select custom fields

Added by Gabe Bourque about 14 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Let me start out by saying that I'm quite impressed with Redmine and how far it's come.

I'll likely look to implement this but there are a couple features that seem to be either missing or not quite 100%. The biggest one that I think I'll need more than any other (that is outstanding) is:

I'd like to be able to have subcategories or some way of organizing a simple hierarchy within a project. For example, I open a new issue in project A. It involves an issue with project A's web interface. I can categorize that use Category perfectly now. But I'd like to be able to assign a subcategory of 'Admin Screen' along with the category 'Web Interface'. Possible implementations:

1. Create subproject 'Web Interface' to parent project 'A'. I can do this now and it would work but I'd need to be able to be viewing the project 'A' and when I create a new issue, I'd need to be able to create it from project 'A' but for subproject 'Web Interface'. I really don't like this approach even if I could do this.

2. Sub-Category field. This would be perfect but isn't available in trunk (or 0.9.x as far as I know). There is a patch out there but hasn't been touched in a while and has fallen out of sync with code. The only other thing with this though to mention is obviously it's only two level (category->subcategories)

3. Allow selection of multiple category fields. So 'Web Interface' and 'Admin Screen' would be categories and I could chose/tag BOTH of those as categories for the issue. This ok for reporting and whatnot and would satisfy my need I guess.

4. Allow multiple selection of custom fields to basically create a custom field to replace the category field and implement the same as number 3 above.

I may be missing other ideas but from what I've come up with from searching and whatnot, this seems to be it.

Am I missing any new developments or ideas? I'm sort of surprised this feature/function is still outstanding and would love to see a direction taken. I'm willing to participate and help move this forward with the help of others.

Can we resume the discussion and get this feature banged out?


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Updated by Raphael Sofaer over 13 years ago

Moving issue categories to be tags/labels would be great. I've been wanting to tag things as 'javascript' and 'ajax', or as 'javascript' and 'filters', for instance.

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Updated by Deoren Moor almost 10 years ago


This would be huge for us.

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Updated by Shown Tien almost 10 years ago

This also help us a lot!

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Updated by Shown Tien almost 10 years ago

great help if apply

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Updated by John Pisani over 9 years ago

+1. This would come in handy as long as existing values and to a lesser extent custom queries aren't adversely affected.

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Updated by Aleksej Lebedev over 9 years ago


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Updated by Anh Le Giang over 8 years ago


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Updated by Maxim Krušina over 7 years ago

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Updated by Jared Davenport over 7 years ago

+1 on subcategories.


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