Feature #5298

Store attachments in sub directories

Added by Istvan DEMETER about 12 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2010-04-13
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Jean-Philippe Lang% Done:


Target version:2.3.0


To prevent Redmine's storage_path's (by default: File.join RAILS_ROOT, 'files') index growing too large (we have so many file-s there, that accessing to the this directory was getting to become slow).

Files already present in the storage will still available, but the newly uploaded file will be storeg in a subdirectory.

The directory structure: RAILS_ROOT/files/1004/25/100425124312_filname_or_hash.extension.

Happy pathcing :)

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Associated revisions

Revision 10990
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

Store attachments in subdirectories (#5298).

Existing files can be moved to their target subdirectories using rake redmine:attachments:move_to_subdirectories.

Revision 10993
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

NoMethodError: private method `now' called for DateTime:Class error in tests with ruby < 1.9.3 (#5298).


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Feature added in r10990. Attachments are now stored in subdirectories per month (eg. 2012/12).

A rake task was added to move existing files to their target subdirectories:

rake redmine:attachments:move_to_subdirectories

#2 Updated by Hannes Meier over 9 years ago



(engl.: is it already christmas eve?)

#3 Updated by Mohamed Ahmed almost 9 years ago

Failed to run on my machine, Windows 2012 Server x64
Bitnami ruby stack v1.9.3-14 installed to C:\BitNami\rubystack-1.9.3-14

  • Redmine version 2.3.3.stable
  • Ruby version 1.9.3-p231 (2012-05-25) [i386-mingw32]
  • Rails version 3.2.13
  • Environment production
  • Database adapter Mysql2
    Redmine plugins:
  • no plugin installed

And here is the Trace file

#4 Updated by Mohamed Ahmed almost 9 years ago

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