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User support helper script

Added by Muntek Singh about 14 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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New script or additional switch to script/about that outputs all the info in script/about + redmine version information and automatically pastes it to a pastebin and outputs a url the user can share with support team. If there is a way to determine more about the environment (is it using passenger, fcgi, mongrel, thin, etc) that would be awesome.

Good way would be to use the API:

This way we can tell users "Run script/helpme" and give us the url so we can more efficiently troubleshoot.

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Actions #1

Updated by Muntek Singh about 14 years ago

  1. auto paste to pastebin might be bad since users will want to review for sensitive data
  2. Should hook this up on Admin > Info also. Then it can pick up how it's hosted and we don't have worry which RAILS_ENV they are running in.
  3. It needs to be both web and cli, in case they have a problem with one or the other

Information I would like to see (includes the stuff from script/about already):

  • Redmine Version
    • svn info
    • git show HEAD
    • Point release installed from package
  • Ruby version
  • RubyGems version
  • Rack version
  • Rake version
  • Rails version
  • Active Record version
  • Active Resource version
  • Action Mailer version
  • Active Support version
  • Application root
  • Database adapter
  • Database schema version
  • Information about the environment Redmine is installed
  • Backend server information
    • Is it running apache, nginx, passenger, thin, mongrel, etc.
      • If so what versions?
      • Where would the relevant log files for this backend typically be
    • OS info
  • Database
    • Encoding
  • Plugin List
    • Including version info of each plugin
  • Settings
    • Theme name if non-default
    • Message encoding (UTF8?)
Actions #2

Updated by Holger Just almost 14 years ago

I have extended the /admin/info view and the script/about script with the information requested by Muntek. Automatic pasting to a website was not implemented because of possibly security implications. It is up to the user to paste it to a site herself.

You can find the patch in the feature branch on It might need some additional unit tests, but for me, it does what is expected: Give me more debug information :) I would love to see this patch included into 1.0.2 to ease support in the forums and IRC.

Actions #3

Updated by Eric Davis almost 14 years ago


Last I checked, that patch removed the Plugin Administration panel. Is that still the case?

Actions #4

Updated by Muntek Singh almost 14 years ago

Any update on this Holger?

Actions #5

Updated by Eric Davis over 13 years ago

  • Assignee deleted (Eric Davis)

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