Feature #5506

Make it easier to select multiple issues via checkboxes

Added by John B over 8 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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It's possible to select multiple issues by checking the checkboxes in the issue table. However, you have to make sure you hit the actual checkbox, because if you miss the checkbox but still hit the table cell that contains the checkbox all your marked issues are dropped.

In my opinion, a good solution would be to count clicks within the entire tr.issue.td.checkbox region since is most likely that the user intended to check the checkbox (this is probably not valid css ;-)).


#1 Updated by Moritz Voss over 8 years ago


#2 Updated by Nick Peelman over 8 years ago

Have you tried holding control or shift when selecting multiple items?

#3 Updated by John B over 8 years ago

What Nick Peelman just wrote does in fact solve the problem, but I didn't know about this feature until now.

Also, it seems that by using Shift you get some strange behaviour (multiple items get selected if you shit-click on the cell of the checkbox but not the checkbox itself.); In my case Issue #8 + Issue #9 got selected automatically when shift-clicking on Issue #9's cell that contains the checkbox.

#4 Updated by Jonas De Meulenaere almost 8 years ago

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Use Crtl instead to select individual lines. Shift selects a range of lines (from...to). This behaviour is identical to other list selection on Windows/Linux.

#5 Updated by Phil Miller almost 6 years ago

Shift-click selects issues between a range when clicking outside the checkbox, but not when clicking on the checkbox(es) for either click. So, range selection is now possible (i.e. this issue could be resolved) but it has some usability problems.

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