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Feature Request - Web Service Gateway

Added by Doug Raney about 16 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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I would like to suggest that Redmine include an XML interface for submitting new issues. I would like to program automatic feedback in my applications to create new issues in Redmine when unknown or bad exceptions occur. I see value in this feature because it allows integration with Redmine and it also allows my applications to proactively create issues when something goes wrong. It seems better than trusting 100% of problems to be reported by end users.

I was thinking of some kind of SOAP compliant interface that provides operations to interact with Redmine.

I'm not interested in being notified of an exception. There are lots of ways to do that without Redmine. I am interested in creating issues based on exceptions. It would be a great way to help our team be proactive about issues.

Someone suggested adding REST to Redmine. I dont know much about REST but it looks like it could work. I would prefer that the Redmine folks implement as apart of the project, as I'm sure they would have better ideas about how to implement. I think it should be something everyone can enjoy and not just my own custom hack.

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Is duplicate of Redmine - Feature #296: REST APIClosedJean-Philippe Lang

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Updated by chris mcharg about 16 years ago

+1 for a REST api

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Updated by Martin Herr about 16 years ago

+1 for REST api :)

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Updated by satoko hibi about 16 years ago

+1 for REST api.
Should meet the needs of the times.

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Updated by Thomas Lecavelier about 16 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

Clone of #269, mark this as resolved, waiting for #269 implementation.

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Updated by Doug Raney almost 16 years ago

This doesnt seem to be related to #269 at all. Or am I missing something. I believe this issue should be reopened.

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Updated by Doug Raney almost 16 years ago

I see that Thomas Lecavelier intended to say it was a clone of #296 and not #269.

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Updated by Yohann Monnier almost 15 years ago

I published a webservice plugin, based on mylyn connector, in which i implement access to many parts of redmine.

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Updated by Eric Davis over 14 years ago

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Closing as a duplicate of #269.

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Updated by Mischa The Evil over 14 years ago

Eric Davis wrote:

Closing as a duplicate of #269.

I guess you've intended to type: #296? :)


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