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Feature Request: Merge related issues

The idea would be to create a "Merge Issue" link next to the "Duplicate" and "Delete" links when viewing or updating Issues. Clicking it presents a box allowing you to enter an Issue number to merge with. Merging two issues combines all the comments and status updates chronologically (and of course presents an option to re-edit the title of the newly combined issue).

This would be super helpful! Sometimes issues are entered as separate tickets, when in fact they are the same or merely different aspects/perspectives on the same task. We don't want to just delete or close one of them, because they often contain useful comments relating to that particular aspect of the same task. Sorting through all the duplicate issues is a huge pain, but merging the issues would solve this problem.

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Related to #6900 and #3708.

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FYI for anyone else searching and finding this page: Looks like #1624 is the (original) ticket with the most activity.

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