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Make possible to obtain issue_priorities and issue_statuses via RESTful WS

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It seems that now is impossible to query RESTful WS to retrieve current used issue_priorities and issue_statuses: should be possibile to make possibile generic a redmine client that can update issues changing priority and status

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#1 Updated by Alex Last over 11 years ago

I need this functionality as well to implement a better data import/export.

#2 Updated by Alex Last over 11 years ago

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One of my users has reported that could not create issues using Redmine Java API:
org.redmine.ta.RedmineException: Priority can't be blank
at org.redmine.ta.RedmineManager.sendRequest(
at org.redmine.ta.RedmineManager.createIssue(
at org.redmine.ta.Simple.tryCreateIssue(
at org.redmine.ta.Simple.main(

I was trying to reproduce the problem on several different Redmine installs with Postgresql, MySQL, different Redmine versions, ...

It turned out the user didn't have a "default Issue priority" set in his Redmine administration panel.

A good solution here is for REST API to provide a list of existing priorities with IDs so that remote clients can use them. This is requested in #8596.

A minor easy fix would be to improve the error message: change it from

Priority can't be blank


Priority can't be blank. No default priority is set in the Redmine server settings. please use menu "Administration -> Enumerations -> Issue Priorities" to set the default priority.

Users will really appreciate nice error messages!

Etienne, I hope you don't mind if I assign this to you?

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Closed as duplicate of #7402.

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