Google Chrome extension for Redmine users

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 12 years ago

Giovanni Clement has written a Chrome extension that lets Redmine users quickly access their issues.
It's called QuickRedmine and is available in the Google Chrome extension directory.

After the extension is installed, go to the extension options to configure your Redmine URL.
It adds an icon to your Chrome tool bar where you can type an issue ID to view it. It also lists the last viewed issues.


Added by Holger Just over 12 years ago

There is also a Firefox add-on / toolbar available at

Added by Andrew Rudenko about 12 years ago

It allows to specify Redmine URL for a one project only. I have four so this extension is not suitable for my needs.

Added by Richard Schulte about 12 years ago

The firefox add-on is amazing! Infinite projects. Quite well set-up. I can't wait to see what successive versions of this will look like...

Added by Anderson Martins almost 11 years ago

There is also another extension to track time for tasks