Redmine 1.2.2 released

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 10 years ago

Redmine 1.2.2 was released today and is available for download at Rubyforge.

This release fixes 16 defects and several security issues: a CSRF vulnerability reported by joernchen of Phenoelit and XSS vulnerabilities. Upgrade is recommended for all 1.2.x users.


Added by Deoren Moor over 10 years ago

Thanks for all the hard work!

Added by Reuben Mallaby over 10 years ago

keep up the good work!

Added by Alex Last over 10 years ago

Congratulations! I will run Redmine Java API tests against 1.2.2 and release a new version if needed.

Added by Soonhyoung An over 10 years ago

Thanks... again ^^