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Author: Jan Jezek
Code repository:
Registered on: 2014-04-10 (over 7 years ago)
Current version: 0.0.1
Compatible with: Redmine 2.4.x, 2.3.x
User ratings:   (6)

This is an small extension for redmine, which adds a code highlight button to the default editor.

Select a text and press the “code”-button, choose your desired language and


    <code class="ruby">

Installation notes

Clone or download this repo into your redmine_root/plugins/ folder

$ git clone

or add it as a submodule of git:

$ git submodule add git://

You may have to run the plugin rake task to provide the assets (from the Redmine root directory):

$ rake redmine:plugins
$ rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

Restart redmine


0.0.1 (2014-01-01)

Compatible with Redmine 2.4.x, 2.3.x.

User ratings

  by Tobias Fischer over 1 year ago

Awesome plugin! Thanks, jan! :)

The current version is 0.3.0 and also supports Redmine 3.3/3.4 and markdown formatting option.

I added support for Redmine 4.x in my fork at

  by Robert Korulczyk over 5 years ago

  by Rick Richard over 5 years ago

Works on 3.2.0-stable

  by Stanislas Dourdin over 6 years ago

This plugin should replace the core pre tag as it is so usefull.
Many redmine's users did not know that there is highlight syntax because the pre tag is not intuitive.

Works on Redmine 2.6.X

Good job.

  by Anton Kovalenko over 7 years ago

useful, helps not to memorize the order of these pre and code tags ))

  by Ivan Rapekas over 7 years ago