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Ajax Redmine Issue Dynamic Edit

Change your issue's attributes without refreshing the page


By Hugo Zilliox



Redmine Auto Resubmission

Redmine plugin to resubmit / follow up (German: "Wiedervorlage") an issue after it has been put away. Choose from list, if you want the issue to reappear tomorrow, in a week, or in a month. The time intervals can be chosen freely. On resubmission the i...

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine All Thumbnails

Plugin to show every issue attachment as either thumbnailable image or as a file icon

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Attachment Categories

Plugin for Redmine. Add free configurable categories to attachments. In all attachment views the category tag is shown next to the filename or the thumbnail.

Special feature: in the edit attachments dialogue check in all attachments from an issue ...

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine More Code

Will enable code previewing of cfc, cfm, clj, cpp, cu, cxx, c++, C, dpr, gemspec, go, groovy, gvy, haml, hpp, h++, html.erb, js, lua, mab, pas, phtml, prawn, py3, pyw, raydebug, rjs, rpdf, ru, rxml, sass, taskpaper, template, tmproj, xaml

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Preview Inline

Plugin to show attachments inline in issues, documents and edit dialog

By Stephan Wenzel




Redmine Agile Plugin: the best tool to manage your projects

Display Redmine Issues as tasks cards on an Agile board, allowing teams to prioritize, assign and track issues efficiently. Move cards by drag&drop and customize them. Plan Sprint a...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)



Redmine Announcements

Adds arbitrary site announcements to redmine.

Root announcements are displayed on every project or even on the login screen if chosen to do so.

Project announcements are only shown within the proj...

By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine More Previews

Preview various file types in redmine's preview pane. Works for issue attachments, documents module, files module and repositories.

As of version 4.1.3 per project activation of plugin is supported


By Stephan Wenzel



Redmine Tint Issues

Tint issues in index view by age or begin date and due date. Thoroughly tested and does not slow down Redmine or database even on systems with > 50k issues. No migrations needed. Four ages to be colored and three periods of approaching due dates can be...

By Stephan Wenzel


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