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Lightbox Plugin 2

This plugin lets you preview image, pdf and swf attachments in a lightbox.

_This is a fork of the original redmine_lightbox plugin.
The original plugin also contains versions compatible to Redmine 1...

By Tobias Fischer




Plugin for Redmine, which allows to improve the usability of Redmine.

  • You will get a lot of useful enhancements that will improve Redmine usability: ability to replace the standard preloader that blocks the entire page; ability to...

By Team



Issue Templates

Plugin to generate and use issue templates for each project to assist issue creation.

New Maintenance Repository


  • It works as project module.
  • Member who has "Mana...

By Akiko Takano



Custom Workflows

Plugin development is supported by DOM Digital Online Media GmbH

This plug-in provides a great functionality for those who is familiar with the Ruby language.
It allows to customize workflow by defining own rules of issues pro...

By Anton Argirov



Ajax Redmine Issue Dynamic Edit

Change your issue's attributes without refreshing the page


By Hugo Zilliox




Redmine People Plugin helps you manage users and employees.

It extends the standard Users module with a new interface and new features.

  • Flexible user permissions
  • Local avatars (photos) for users
  • Setting user rates
  • Pe...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)




Redmine Helpdesk Plugin: service desk for Redmine.

Helpdesk turns e-mails and Redmine issues into customer support tickets. Adds automation features that save time and makes processing request faster. Reports and SLA metrics enables teams ...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)



Monitoring & Controlling

M&C is a Redmine Plugin used as a chart tool to monitoring issues’ project


  • Pie Chart of issues by statuses;
  • Pie Chart of manageable and unmanagleabe issues;
  • Chart with overdue tasks by project

By Alexander Monteiro



Service Desk

«Service Desk» — is a plugin which automates the process of requesting services between departments.

With plugin «Service Desk» you will receive a turnkey solution that allows any employee to request services from any of the structural unit of y...

By Vladimir Pitin



Work Time

WorkTime is a Redmine plugin to edit spent time by each user.

By Tomohisa Kusukawa


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