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Redmine Git Hosting :: Gitolite Integration

This plugin allows straightforward management of Gitolite repositories within Redmine.


By Nicolas Rodriguez




Redmine Invoices Plugin: turn Redmine into an online invoicing system.

Create, track and export your invoices. Bill time entries and manage user rates.

  • Simple invoices management
  • Invoices statuses basic workflow
  • Integra...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)



Time Logger

Time logger is a Redmine plugin to ease time tracking when working on an issue. The plugin allows to start/suspend/resume/stop a timer on a per user basis.

This is a spin-off of the original time tracker by Jérémie Delaitre. I give all the credit to...

By Jim McAleer



Code Review

Code Review is a plugin which lets you annotate source code within the repository browser.

By Haruyuki Iida



Computed Custom Field

This project is no longer maintained

I have dropped support for this plugin, but luckily Darko has taken responsibility to maintain the plugin for you. "See here the new version":https:/...

By Yakov Annikov


View Customize

This a plugin allows you to customize the view for the Redmine.


Customize the page by inserting JavaScript or CSS on the page that matched the condition.

For details and how to use, please see the following.

By Hirokazu Onozato




This plugin adds generic knowledgebase funcationlity to the redmine project management application.


The plugin is available in two versions, which track the Redmine versions to reflect their level of compatibility. If you're usi...

By Alex Bevilacqua



Progressive Projects List

The plugin provides projects list with menus, description and progress bars, etc.


Download from the official site -

By Dmitry Babenko




This plugin adds WYSIWYG editor mode to Redmine.

By Takeshi Nakamura



Redmine Ldap Sync

Extends redmine's ldap authentication with on login or manual user and group synchronization.
Works with MS Active Directory, slapd and other LDAP implementations.

  • Supports synchronization from multiple LDAP sources
  • Users are disabled by accou...

By Ricardo S


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