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Author: Takeshi Nakamura
Code repository:
Registered on: 2018-07-06 (almost 6 years ago)
Current version: 0.26.0
Compatible with: Redmine 5.0.x, 4.2.x, 4.1.x, 4.0.x
User ratings:   (19)

This plugin adds WYSIWYG editor mode to Redmine.


0.26.0 (2022-04-17)

Compatible with Redmine 5.0.x, 4.2.x, 4.1.x, 4.0.x.

0.4.0 (2019-06-15)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x.

  • Issue autocomplete
  • User autocomplete

0.3.0 (2018-12-09)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x.

0.2.0 (2018-08-18)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x, 3.3.x.

0.1.0 (2018-07-06)

Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x, 3.3.x.

User ratings

  by David Robinson about 2 years ago

  by Ric Bon about 2 years ago

  by Heribert Gasparoli over 2 years ago

Top Editor
easy to install
Congratulation to Mr. Takeshi Nakamura -Excellent work

  by joao paulo lima saraiva almost 3 years ago

Muito bom esse plugin, deveria ser algo padrão no redmine.

  by Soltész András over 3 years ago

Works very well.
Very useful for wiki pages with tables and other more complex formatting.
Huge thanks to Takeshi.

  by Ribald Drobens over 3 years ago

Wow, surprisingly good plugin! Full compatibility with Redmine 4.0.4.stable and several plugins. Makes it certainly easier for a lot of people to use Redmine at all. Many thanks!

  by Cyrion Beleriand over 3 years ago

Works fine with redmine 4.1.1!

  by Martin Erler about 4 years ago

working with our 4.1.0 installation,
great with no db migration, super fast setup,
huge improvement to redmine usability!!!

  by Sergey Matveev about 4 years ago

  by Alexandre Jobin about 4 years ago

This plugin is a beauty. It doesn't change the way Redmine work at all. It just sit over the Markdown language so there's NO risk to use it at all.

  by Fletcher Johnston about 4 years ago

Some real thought put into this plugin. Really nice implementation. I've tried a number of the WYSIWYG plugins for Redmine and this is far and away the best.
Great work!

  by Yevhen Shevchenko over 4 years ago

Good plugin. But in the new version 4.1.0 did not work, a blank page in comments problem with that. So if you may adapt for a new version, we glad to see that, thank you!!!

  by Xavier ANDRE over 4 years ago

It works fine under redmine 3 but not anymore in redmine 4 :

bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
rake aborted!
StandardError: Directly inheriting from ActiveRecord::Migration is not supported. Please specify the Rails rele

  by Martin Cizek almost 5 years ago

Awesome plugin. Tried to back-translate complex wiki pages and I was amazed how accurate it was. The difference was just in whitespace, making the markup cleaner actually.
Going to use it and contribute :)

  by kir mesh over 5 years ago

nice app
thnx much

  by Olga Zakharova over 5 years ago

Everything is good! Thank you!

  by Roman Khaleev over 5 years ago

don't work edit comments or edit description
work only in new issue

  by Benjamin G almost 6 years ago

Some markdown are missing. Can't wait to use it updated

  by Konstantin Shutov almost 6 years ago

Greate work!

But it don't properly work with markdown for now :(