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Konstantin Haase, 2010-04-30 17:16


Please read DevMeetings for information on how these meetings are scheduled and run

Proposed topics - in rough order of discussion

Overall Redmine
  • Creating a Long Term Vision of what Redmine aims to be, and overall direction of the project
    • Defining & publicizing a clear mission statement for the project
    • Vision Proposal
  • Restructure the development process to be more open
    • Teams (see below)
  • Rethinking Roles / Permissions on
Redmine Development
  • Getting more Contributors and removing blocks from existing Contributors
  • Teams
    • Create teams for various aspects of Redmine development and usage. Each team has a leader who has "ownership" of that area.
      • Documentation Team
      • Development Team (these guys have CI access)
      • Plugin Team
      • User Support team (in charge of forums and IRC)
  • Redmine become much more modular
  • Scheduling regular developer meetings
Redmine 1.0 Community Other Stuff
  • Fixing the Redmine forums
  • Plugin Directory
  • Themes
  • Making #redmine IRC more officially sanctioned

Committed Attendees

IRC nick / real name Who are you?
jplang / Jean-Philippe Lang Owner and Maintainer of Redmine
edavis10 / Eric Davis Core Contributor, plugin developer, founder of Little Stream Software
shanepearlman / Shane Pearlman Plugin / Core Funder
thegcat / Felix Schäfer
jamesturnbull / James Turnbull Plugins, add-ons, hack-n-slash development, user, etc
Khalsa / Muntek Singh Plugin Abuser, Introducing upcoming redmine-based product soon
meineerde / Holger Just Plugin developer. Interested in "enterprisy" features.
khaase / Konstantin Haase Plugin developer
Tohuw / Ron Adams Interested in documentation and development teams
yeahrock / Jan Schulz-Hofen Plugin developer, founder of Planio
pmphq / Igor Balk Plugin developer, interested in UX improvements, founder of PMP HQ
emilianoh / Emiliano heyns Plugin dev, redmine_backlogs, a Scrum/Agile plugin
relaxdiego / Mark Maglana Plugin dev, redmine_backlogs, a Scrum/Agile plugin
MikeXIII / Mike K Just an average Redmine enthusiast ;)
salvor / Jean-Baptiste Barth Plugin dev
Yohann Monnier Would like to be Core Rest Contributor / plugin contributor
schmidtwisser / Gregor Schmidt General Redmine enthusiast
dfishel / Dillon Fishel General Redmine User
elmt / Eric Thomas
hwinkel/ Holger Winkelmann General Redmine enthusiast, may become Plugin Funder
aaronmueller/ Aaron Mueller Maintain a Redmine installation on a university and submit patches
javajunky / Ciaran Jessup Redmine user, occasional plugin developer
nlloyds / Nathan L Smith Redmine user, occasional plugin contributor w/ Cramer Development

Actual Attendee List

IRC nick Real Name
Khalsa Muntek Singh
yeahrock Jan Schulz-Hofen
jamesturnbull James Turnbull
javajunky Ciaran Jessup
meineerde Holger Just
jehreg Patrick Naubert
moron Nikolay Kotlyarov
alain91 Alain
schmidtwisser Gregor Schmidt
aaron Aaron Mueller
Enderson Enderson Maia
edavis10 Eric Davis
hwinkel Holger Winkelmann
Igor13 Igor Balk
ctshryock Clint Shryock
thegcat Felix Schäfer
ferggo Greg Mefford
timhigh Timothy High
alessandroribeir Alessandro Ribeiro
nlloyds Nathan L Smith
bbh Brendan Hannemann
jirka Jirka Blažek
MikeXIII Mike K
oceanician Ian Moss
khaase Konstantin Haase


The IRC log of the meeting will be made available here once we figure out the best way to do that. Also a summary of actionable items will be posted here after the meeting

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