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08:19 Redmine Feature #1853: Make Projects truly independent of each other
+1 - will be very useful Oleg Aksenov
08:18 Redmine Feature #1543: Setting permissions for viewing the Activity page.
+1 Oleg Aksenov
08:17 Redmine Feature #1248: New Permission: Edit own issues
+1 Oleg Aksenov


16:34 Redmine Defect #14575 (Closed): Validation message "Related issue can't be blank" should be hidden after "Add"
After trying to add invalid issue number (e.g. non-existent) as related, I saw validation message "Related issue can'... Oleg Aksenov


10:26 Redmine Feature #4298: An "internal" option for custom fields
I, too, would benefit from this feature.
I hope this will work for all custom fields including "IssueCustomField".
Oleg Aksenov


14:30 Redmine Defect #8815 (Closed): Invalid search results with paging
To see this bug try to perform "Search" by any word with more than 10 results.
I reproduced this bug on both my syst...
Oleg Aksenov


17:01 Redmine Feature #6631: Provide security (e.g. display only) for custom fields
> "internal" custom fields
I means not #4298 (internal for plugins) but internal for "Administrators" role etc.
Oleg Aksenov
16:58 Redmine Feature #6631: Provide security (e.g. display only) for custom fields
It will be useful for me too. I think this issue could be linked to #7412 (to implement not permissions for roles but... Oleg Aksenov
16:34 Redmine Defect #8483: Content in the new custom field "referencing version table" is empty in a subproject (sharing version)
+1 Oleg Aksenov

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