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11:26 Redmine Feature #38396: Support for multiple default data
Attach yaml data as default data for simple task management. For simple task management, we will also minimize the st... Mitsuyoshi Kawabata
08:50 Redmine Feature #38396: Support for multiple default data
+10 Mitsuyoshi Kawabata
08:43 Redmine Feature #38504: Display pasted images in appropriate size on HiDPI displays
+1 Mitsuyoshi Kawabata


10:08 Redmine Patch #684: Add journal count on issues list
+1 Mitsuyoshi Kawabata


09:31 Redmine Defect #30924: Filter on Target version's Status in subproject doesn't work on version from top project
+1 Mitsuyoshi Kawabata


17:48 Redmine Feature #33894 (New): Automatically set done ratio to 100% when closing a issue
If the done ratio is not linked to the issue status, the done ratio must be manually updated when the issue is closed... Mitsuyoshi Kawabata


08:25 Redmine Patch #33763 (Closed): Change Japanese translation for field_onthefly
The current Japanese translation "あわせてユーザーを作成" (means "create a user at the same time") is vague. The feature automat... Mitsuyoshi Kawabata


13:40 Redmine Feature #31589: Show warning and the reason when the issue cannot be closed because of open subtasks or blocking open issue(s)
+1, this issue is simple and clear.
If we have #31589 we can skip #28492 and #31322.
Mitsuyoshi Kawabata
13:38 Redmine Feature #31322: Provide a way to automatically close all open subtasks too when a parent issue is being closed
Regarding Maruyama's patches, how about just #31589? It would be simple and clear.
Mitsuyoshi Kawabata
13:37 Redmine Feature #28492: Option not to block closing a parent issue when it has open subtask(s)
Let me clear my point, I think allowing a parent issue to be closed when subtasks are still open is not really necess... Mitsuyoshi Kawabata

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