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Select a JavaScript library to handle tags

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I would like to continue my work on #1448 and in order to do it, I think that we should agree on which Javascript library we're going to use to handle the tags. I don't think that it worths to make our custom implementation and reinvent the wheel.

In my second patch from the mentioned issue, I've proposed Selectize.js because is maintained and has tests.

Other alternatives:
  • Select2: which was my first option but I know that you prefer to not add it to the core (#23310#note-11). Also, this library is added by many plugins developers like Redmine UP, RM Plus, AlphaNodes, etc.
  • Tag-it: which is currently used by the redmine_tags plugin, but the library is no longer maintained (last commit in 2014) and I would like to avoid using it.
  • Taggle: it has only few stars on github.
  • tagEditor: only few stars on github and it doesn't have tests
Also, I think that this library can be used to improve other functionalities like:
  • query columns selection
  • add multiple watchers or members
  • improved drop downs with many values.
Sizes in minified version:
Selectize 38.4 KB
Select2 66.3 KB

Jean-Philippe Lang, please let me know what do you think.

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