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Added by anton kat almost 14 years ago

Just discovered Redmine today, and quite impressed, well done guys.

The first question i've got is: is it possible to run Redmine on google app engine?

I'm not asking for instructions, just want to know is it possible or not, and will be good to hear if somebody have already tried it.

Two links with some info:

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RE: Google app engine - Added by anton kat almost 14 years ago

Just to add.

Probably its not possible out of the box, since the DB should be quite specific. In that case how difficult will it be to change and adapt?

RE: Google app engine - Added by Felix Schäfer almost 14 years ago

I think some users are running redmine in jrails/jruby, not sure that would float your boat up to the appengine though. There might be better hosting alternatives for rails apps though.

RE: Google app engine - Added by Holger Just almost 14 years ago

We are currently getting Redmine ready for jruby on rails. But there are still some bugs left.

Regarding GAE, It will most probably NOT work. According to Google, they use DataMapper instead of ActiveRecord which is a hard requirement for Redmine. Also, supporting a new database for AR would be a rather difficult task, as there are often many surprising little differences in behavior.

RE: Google app engine - Added by Jan from Planio almost 14 years ago

App Engine will not work as you need a relational database to run Redmine. If you want to set up Redmine in the cloud, you could have a look at *heroku* or the *Bitnami* Redmine versions. If you're looking to outsource Redmine hosting entirely you might have a look at the CommercialOfferings.

[Edited: Replaced link to service with link to CommercialOfferings. --Holger]

RE: Google app engine - Added by Jan from Planio almost 14 years ago

okay, I just found the Code of Conduct forum thread and I don't want to offend anyone. guys, please feel free to remove my comment if you think it's too commercial...

RE: Google app engine - Added by Holger Just almost 14 years ago


I just edited your link. You can submit your service for inclusion to the CommercialOfferings to Eric. Please refrain from promoting your service without being explicitly asked in the future. You can always update your own thread with new offerings.


RE: Google app engine - Added by Van Nam Nguyen about 13 years ago

Someone here can make Redmine run on Appengine. But He did not say details.

RE: Google app engine - Added by Ronoaldo Pereira over 11 years ago

Is there someone still interested on this? I believe that running Google Cloud SQL this may be possible or at leaset easier to implement. Probably, the the remaining part to implement using a plugin could be a wrapper around filesystem access to store things on either Cloud Storage or AppEngine Blobstore.

I'm interested on helping on.

RE: Google app engine - Added by Andres Eduardo Garcia Marquez almost 7 years ago

desde aquel entonces no era posible sin embargo google cloud a evolucionado y me encontre con un entorno flexible que puedes adaptar el marco de trabajo que quieras

RE: Google app engine - Added by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 7 years ago

Please post in English.

RE: Google app engine - Added by cat no bot over 1 year ago

Just dropping by to let you know that this totally works. I have my database on Cloud SQL and the front runs on GAE Flexible environment. You basically need to build a Dockerfile with a configuration that connects to your Cloud SQL, then push that image to your cloud Artifacts Registry and then deploy that image to GAE.

To make security less of a headache I also put an Identity Aware Proxy in front of it.

Here's my Dockerfile I use for this:

FROM ubuntu:latest
ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive
RUN apt update && apt install -y tzdata libffi-dev g++ make libpq-dev && apt install -y git ruby-full
ENV RAILS_ENV=production
RUN gem install webrick jekyll tzinfo-data bundler
RUN git clone
WORKDIR /redmine
COPY database.yml config/database.yml
RUN echo "gem 'webrick'" >> Gemfile
RUN bundle config set --local without 'development test'
RUN bundle install
RUN bundle exec rake generate_secret_token
RUN bundle exec rake db:migrate
RUN bundle exec rake redmine:load_default_data
ENTRYPOINT bundle exec rails server -u webrick -e production -p8080