Trello integration with Redmine

Added by Michael Powell about 11 years ago

Or vice versa...


I've got a colleague who is using Trello for organizing task management. However, obviously, I'm here and prefer Redmine for software project management.

Mainly, obvious concerns are to reduce amount of data entry in one place or another, how difficult it is to tell one tool or the other, or the integrating piece, how to find the other, and so on.

Does anyone know of or can anyone recommend ways to integrate Trello with Redmine (or vice versa)?

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RE: Trello integration with Redmine - Added by mike B about 6 years ago

Hate to bring up really old posts, but I think it is still relevant. Any updates or help in this arena? I have team members who love Trello for "todo" tasking - but hate redmine but as a manager - love redmine. is there a task board like trello that is up to date?

RE: Trello integration with Redmine - Added by Bernhard Rohloff about 6 years ago

There are several plugins which provide a cardboard view of the tickets. (paid and light version) (free)
and many more for older versions...

Just search for "agile" on the plugins page.
I've tried them both but was not very pleased with the experience.