Bugday's Integration

Added by Daniel Felix over 10 years ago

Hi community,

we're currently on the way to clean the bugtracker. Currently Redmine has more than 3800 open issues, which is fairly to much for 13 contributors - where not every on is active on a regular base.
If we divide thos issues by maybe 7 active contributors, we have more than 540 issues per person. This is quite too much stuff to handle!

My idea would be some kind of bugday's.

What's the idea behind bugday's?

Bugday's will be one or two days in each month, where the community comes together to beat down the open issues. These bugday's help the core developers to reduce the administrative work and gain the necessary feedback for integrated new features or resolved bugs.

How will the Bugday planned and organized?

This event will be planned with some fixed start- and endtime. During this time, there's minimum one contributor online, which will coordinate and moderate this event.
The community will get some chat channel (maybe IRC) to communicate with the team and start crawling the bugtracker by different criterias.
Criterias could be:
  • Issues with status "Needs Feedback" or "Resolved"
  • Old issues, which haven't any feedback.
  • Issues which have some kind of patch attached
  • Issues which have unsupported versions as affected version
  • Feature requests by categorie
  • Special searchterms

If some user needs help to test a bug or feature, he could request this in the chat channel. The community will help him with his tests or patches.

After this event, we provide some kind of report, which contains resolved tickets, confirmed or invalidated issues. The team will test and evaluate provided patches and try to integrate them as fast as possible.

The team will need minimum one or two weeks for the cleanup and integration.

Why should I contribute?

If you don't know, why you should contribute to these days and spent one or two hours in a week, we'll provide you some good reasons:
  • Redmine is a OpenSource system, which lives from donations and community support. Everyone who is using Redmine benefits from new features or corrected bugs.
  • The most systems, which could be compared to Redmine, costs many thousands of euros. Redmine is provided free of charge.
  • You save many hours a week/month by using Redmine in your company. With more features or lesser bugs, you'll save even more time and money!

How can I contribute?

You can provide your help with different tasks.
  • Test and evaluate bugs
  • Check feature requests if they are unique, if not provide the corresponding issue id
  • Check feature requests if they are already integrated/solved or could be resolved by some configuration changes
  • Provide patches for bugs/feature requests
  • Check provided patches on the currently supported releases
  • Check the current supported releases for bugs
  • Discuss on feature requests, which are marked as hot topics in the bugday event
  • Or even, donate for some features/bugs

Please give some Feedback on this topic, I would be very happy if we could introduce these days.

Best regards,
Daniel Felix

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RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Daniel Felix over 10 years ago

Ivan Cenov wrote:

#3494: Browser "Back" to issue list displays wrong filter

Similar to #5551, old Redmine, old Firefox. I commented in the issue
A candidate for closure.

The first one is closed.

The second one is set to needs feedback and will be closed soon if there is no feedback on this issue.

Thanks for the hint Ivan!

RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Mischa The Evil over 10 years ago

Hello all,

To keep this thread readable, I've transported all the mentioned issues to a dedicated wiki page: BugdayIntegrationList. This way we can keep better track of all the mentioned issues and the actions taken/needed to take.

I'd suggest to add new closure candidates to that wiki page instead of this forum-thread.

Thanks for the work done...



RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Anonymous over 10 years ago

I have identified some more issues that can be closed or that require
more feedback, and put them onto the Wiki page.

However, this seems like a very awkward and inefficient process. My
feeling is that 80% of the old defects (filed > 1 year ago), fall into
one of these two categories. It might be much easier if some people who
have manager access to the tracker went through them, and looked at
them. Usually, you can tell within 30 seconds whether an issue falls
into one of the two categories, and act appropriately, the rest you can
just skip.

If you use some canned responses (which Redmine does not support yet, it
seems, something I miss from the trackers), this should only
require 2-3 minutes per issue. Much more efficient than me looking at
the issue, posting it on a Wiki page, then you going through them,
looking at them *again, etc...

(BTW, with "canned response" I mean writing a few standard replies, and
having them available via e.g. a simple popup menu. With messages such
as: "Thank you for report. In order to be able to process it
effectively, we need some additional information. Could you please make
sure the following information is available: Redmine version, operating
system, ... etc."

And likewise for things like "We are awaiting a response to a question.
Please reply within 14 days, otherwise this issue will automatically be

[Actually, does Redmine offer such a "pending" state which automatically
transitions to another state after some time, or does one have to do
that manually? If not, that would be another feature request I should
file in addition to the "canned response" feature ;-)

RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Daniel Felix over 10 years ago


Currently i use this approach:
Issues which are reported to me will be rechecked by me (some of them which would be closed, are saved by me in the recheck).

If there is a feedback planned, I recheck the issues once a week and close them which have no feedback. This must be done manually.

The main work is the evaluating if the bug/request isn't implemented until now or if there is a plugin.
This is much more time consuming.

The closing just takes some seconds and the recheck just takes a few minutes.
This way I can't handle this alone to check all issues. If I get them bundled, the work will be done faster. :-)

This way we could close nearly 50 issues in the last 2 days. :-)

RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Anonymous over 10 years ago

Well, it's just that I went through e.g. some of the reports for which no category has been set, and for many of them, I think if you took a look, you could tell right away that they are resolved. In other words, you wouldn't need somebody else to pre-screen those... ;-).

But in general, of course it helps to be sent to the particularly easy ones. Well, let's first get the bug count below 3800... ;-)

RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Daniel Felix over 10 years ago

Well, just give me the list of issues which could be easily closed and I will take a quick look at them and maybe I could close them. ;-)
Or maybe check if they could get implemented.

RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Anonymous over 10 years ago

Well, I was looking at the following tracker query

That is, open defects with no category set, and last updated more than 90 days ago. Many of these (esp. the older ones) tend to be simply outdated; or they require further feedback. At the very least, they should be put into a suitable category. There are many "obvious" cases. The trick to handle this efficiently is to skip an issue if you can't immediately (or within 1-2 minutes) decide how to deal with it. Many of the issues I listed on the Wiki were obtained this way. (Thus you might want to first look at the stuff I added to the Wiki page.)

RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Dipan Mehta over 10 years ago

By the way, I have added many issues in the Bugday List. Do have take a look. When do we start taking the action?

RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Jérôme BATAILLE over 10 years ago

moved to the wiki page

RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Daniel Küppers almost 10 years ago

When is the next Bugday? I want to participate in near future.

RE: Bugday's Integration - Added by Christian Dähn over 9 years ago

+1 Me too - is there a new BugDay planned?