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Added by Priyanka Suduge about 9 years ago

Is there any Plugin in Redmine for helpdesk/ticket system?
Has anyone used any third party software to do so ?
Hope to hear.

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RE: Support Tickets / Helpdesk pulgin - Added by Stefan H Singer about 9 years ago

What do you mean? What are you lacking from redmine to do this?

RE: Support Tickets / Helpdesk pulgin - Added by O G about 9 years ago

I don't know if the o.p. has the same use-case as me, but have a look at this: (using Redmine for Customer Support).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


RE: Support Tickets / Helpdesk pulgin - Added by Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP) over 8 years ago

I have just released new commercial plugin with helpdesk functionality:

  • Receive mail from customers
  • Auto creating contacts from email senders
  • Attach issues to created contacts from mail
  • Send notification to contact that his issue received and processing
  • Find existing contacts by mail and attach messages to
  • Send answer from redmine to contact email

Redmine CRM pro plugin should be installed

RE: Support Tickets / Helpdesk pulgin - Added by Greg Lewsza about 1 year ago


For all of you searching for a Redmine Helpdesk ticket plugin, I wanted to post an update that we at RedmineUP (formerly RedmineCRM) just released a Helpdesk 4, compatible with Redmine up to 4. link:

Among new features, not mentioned by Kirill are:
- Email automation workflow (for example for specific words in a subject/message, certain emails or domains)
- Reply templates
- Public ticket access link for a client
- Helpdesk SLA reports (average first response time, # of replies to close the ticket, and ticket closing time)
- Widget and REST API
- Automatically close resolved tickets
- Satisfaction Ratings
- E-mail dropbox - send/forward an email with attachments to a special email to include a message with an attachment to specific Redmine Issue
- Reply/Update tickets from e-mail (updates info in Redmine and sends a message to the client)

With an additional plugin — Redmine Reporter — it's further possible to generate a report from the Support Tickets for your clients. So you don't need to give them access to the instance and can export Report, based on data from Redmine ticket(s). Based on a recent request for such reports examples, here are some examples:
- progress report, with client's/support team comments, hiding internal notes from developers
- report with billable hours/calculated sum
- calculate internal/billable rates or internal/external spent time
- prepare payroll for your support team
- pro-forma invoice from a resolved support request

Using both plugins you will be able to provide a complex solution to manage your customer support. With a Redmine 4 individual email notifications and Helpdesk plugin alone, you will be able to provide effective customer service.