Change the word "Issues" to "Processes", How?

Added by Akhil Kuduvalli almost 14 years ago


I am trying to use Redmine for Manufacturing process tracking.

Is it possible to change the word "Issues" in the tab header names and in the features list to "Processes"? and How?

PLease let me know Thanks in advance!!


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RE: Change the word "Issues" to "Processes", How? - Added by Jim Mulholland almost 14 years ago

In the code, you will have to change the config/locales/en.yml file (or any other language file that you or your team may use in the locales directory).

We changed "Issues" to "Tickets" since creating a new "Feature" under the "New Issue" tab does not make a whole lot of sense.

RE: Change the word "Issues" to "Processes", How? - Added by Akhil Kuduvalli almost 14 years ago

Thanks a lot Jim!

Could you please point me to the guide where one can read and learn about these features, and how we can play with them, if there's such a guide. THanks!

RE: Change the word "Issues" to "Processes", How? - Added by Scott Cunningham about 9 years ago

For those just seeing this post...

Be careful replacing the word issue with ticket. The word issue is used in the field name definitions (i.e. don't change the field names). I have attached modified files for Redmine you can try using or at least compare against your en.yml file which uses issue. Additionally, sometimes it is Issue and other times it is issue.

Files for:
  • Issue replaced by Ticket
  • Issue replaced by Task
  • Original file with Issue

If you prefer a different word and the en-issue.yml file matches your installed en.yml file, you can save time by using the ticket version of the file. In those you can blindly replace Ticket and ticket for your word.

Be sure to keep a copy of your en.yml file!!!

I believe a server restart is required. Good luck!

en_orig.yml (46.6 KB) en_orig.yml my original en.yml file
en_ticket.yml (46.7 KB) en_ticket.yml en.yml version using ticket(s) instead of issue(s)
en_task.yml (46.5 KB) en_task.yml en.yml version using task(s) instead of issue(s)

RE: Change the word "Issues" to "Processes", How? - Added by David Son almost 8 years ago

Thank you Scott for the advice and providing your modified files. Saved me a lot of time figuring out what to change.


RE: Change the word "Issues" to "Processes", How? - Added by David Harrison over 4 years ago

This is really helpful as I'm just starting to look at Redmine as a project management tool and "Tasks" suits better than "Issue".
The Redmine I'm running is version 3.2.6.stable but when I apply the yml task file above, and then look at Projects, the "Estimated Time" for a Task shows as "translation missing: en.label_f_hour_short".
I figure I need to update something else?
Any advice would be great.

RE: Change the word "Issues" to "Processes", How? - Added by Guillermo ML over 4 years ago

Did you change your en.yml file with the files provided by Scott Cunningham? Redmine 3.2.6 was released in April 2017, and Scott's files were attached in April 2014, a lot of new strings were added between versions.
I think it would be easiest to recover your original en.yml file and change only those strings that you need. As Scott Cunningham said you have to be careful not to change field's names, only the strings.

RE: Change the word "Issues" to "Processes", How? - Added by Aleksandar Pavic about 1 year ago

You can just

sed -r 's/(^.*)\: Issue/\1\: Task/g' en.yml >

As I described here: