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Allow administrator to permanently disable modules

Added by Declan Lynch about 12 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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In our environment we do not have any need for the gantt charts or calendar modules.

While the administrator can specify which modules should be enabled by default on new projects, the project owner can elect to enable other modules also.

It would be nice to give the administrator the ability to enable/disable modules from ever being used in any project so if the administrator was to disable the calendar module or the time tracking module in the overall application settings the modules would not even show up as options for new projects or in the project settings. Projects that may already have the modules enabled would also no longer display the disabled modules.

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Updated by Ivan Cenov about 12 years ago

It is complicated though. What should happen when there are files in the Files module in a project and the administrator disable this module?

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Updated by Declan Lynch about 12 years ago

If the admin disables the module then any projects that were using the module would just have that section disabled and any info would just be hidden and inaccessible.

ADDENDUM : also allow the admin to force the use of a module so that the project owner can't turn it off.

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Updated by Tomislav Nakic-Alfirevic over 10 years ago


I like Declan's suggestion (hiding data when modules disabled). In any case, you could set up a new redmine instance with selected modules permanently disabled.

Personally, we have committed strongly to a separate DMS and will never use the Documents module, so I would like to avoid forcing people to even think about where their documents should go: there is a lot of value in simplicity.

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Updated by Ofer Nave about 10 years ago

I want this feature for the exact same reason as Tomislav. I've installed the DMSF plugin, and would like to permanently disable the Files and Documents modules so my users don't get confused.

(I also wish the DMSF plugin would have more intuitive labels in the UI besides "DMSF", but that's a separate issue...)


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