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Email to individuals not registered in Redmine

Added by Curtis Stewart almost 16 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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One of our projects is used to track hotline call. This works very well for the members of the project, being able to route the issue to the best, or available, person to fix the issue. We have already customized a field on the tracker to identify the original requester.
We would like to be able to email the original requester of the issue when the issue is closed.

I can think of two ways to do this.
  1. is to allow us, when we close the issue, to specify an email address to send to, in addition to the ones identified in redmine.
  2. to be able to submit the issue in behalf of the original requester, not the hotline person entering the call.

There may be more ways.

Thanks for your hard work on a valuable tool.

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Actions #1

Updated by Andi Springhetti almost 16 years ago

Hi all

we are using Redmine as our internal Ticketing-System an Change-Management tool. The feedback from the guys using it is only positive!

Due to the fact that we would like to use Redmine also for the Helpdesk, we would need the Issue-Requester as a selectable field. Would it be possible to have:

  • Issue-Owner: user who added issue
  • Issue-Requester: user who requested the issue

This should be a security-option so that only users with the appropriate role can change the requester.

Notifications should be sent to Owner and Requester.

Thanks, Andi

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Updated by Andi Springhetti almost 16 years ago

See Ticket #1183

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Updated by William Knak about 15 years ago

It would be great to add non-registered Watchers, adding email only.

Also add a button "Send notiification to..." email, not adding to Watcher, but only to trigger some ticket or even Wiki to a email, like "Admin sends you a notification to see FAQ/Wiki".

Actions #4

Updated by david austin almost 15 years ago

I would like to second the need for this. We have moved from trac to redmine but we miss the feature of being able to add copies of a ticket ( a watcher if u will) to the ticket so they can watch the progress... We get a lot of tickets from anonymous but we have the person add there email to the body of the ticket.. we would like to make them a watcher for that ticket..
thanks for all your work.

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Updated by Jaap Prickartz over 13 years ago

hi all,

we are currently using otrs as our backoffice system to handle all incoming calls.
One of the major points preventing me from switching completely to Redmine is the ability to send emails/ add watchers to 'unknown' users.

We are willing to pay a bonus to anyone who develops this feature.
You can contact me at jaap @

Jaap Prickartz


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