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Make "First name" and "Last name" optional (not required) in user's settings

Added by crypto gopher almost 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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  • in some Redmine installations first and last name may not be required as people might not know each other in person. Login by itself may be enough to fulfill the need for identification (see Github, Twitter and so on). This is especially true for open source projects communities.
  • some people may not like to be forced to resign from their privacy. When user is forced to provide data he does not want to, he will probably provide fake data. Value of fake data is not greater that that of no data. This is related to #28106.
  • there is already option in Redmine to set user display format to login only (instead of first/last name).
  • some jurisdictions may require sites that gather personal data to comply with specific laws. Again if Redmine is used by open source project communities it may place an unnecessary burden on site administrators.
  • some communities largely make use of only one name and requiring 2 names is requiring impossible. Related: #1595
I propose to either:
  1. Make first and last name optional
  2. Add administrative setting to control whether first and last names are optional or required.

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Should be "Feature", not "Defect"... My mistake :/

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  • Related to Feature #1595: Make last name an optional field added
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I think "Defect" is the correct categorization. Many people do not have last names, and there are entire cultures where this is common: e.g. Javanese people in Indonesia. Even in the United States, the western cultural norms are not legal requirements, as you can have a single name as I do.

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+1 for this ticket

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  • Has duplicate Feature #33791: "First Name" and "Last Name" as mandatory fields? added

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