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One of the SSL Certificates of seems to be expired

Added by Kevin Fischer about 4 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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It's not possible to use curl with anymore (using it in our CI so a lot of jobs are now suddenly failing)

 > curl          
curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired
More details here:

curl performs SSL certificate verification by default, using a "bundle" 
 of Certificate Authority (CA) public keys (CA certs). If the default
 bundle file isn't adequate, you can specify an alternate file
 using the --cacert option.
If this HTTPS server uses a certificate signed by a CA represented in
 the bundle, the certificate verification probably failed due to a
 problem with the certificate (it might be expired, or the name might
 not match the domain name in the URL).
If you'd like to turn off curl's verification of the certificate, use
 the -k (or --insecure) option.
HTTPS-proxy has similar options --proxy-cacert and --proxy-insecure.

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Updated by Holger Just about 4 years ago

This is caused by the expiration of the "AddTrust External CA Root" intermediate certificate. For browsers (and most other current clients), this is not an issue since they are able to build a valid certificate chains without this expired intermediate certificate.

Some SSL libraries, including Openssl 1.0.x and GnuTLS strictly follow the certificate chains offered by the sever and don't try to build an alternate chain of trust of some part fails (e.g. due to expiration as we have seen here). OpenSSL 1.1 and most browsers do the correct thing here.

Still, this issue is simple to fix: just remove the top-most intermediate certificate (i.e. the from the "AddTrust External CA Root" certificate) from the list of intermediate certificates ion the server. After a reload, even those older clients should be happy again.

More details about the issue are described on

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Updated by Daniel Petat about 4 years ago

The problem also affects the sourcecode Repository

c:\Development\_ThirdParty\Redmine>svn checkout
Error validating server certificate for '':
 - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the
   fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!
 - The certificate has expired.
Certificate information:
 - Hostname:
 - Valid: from Jan  8 00:00:00 2020 GMT until Jan  8 23:59:59 2022 GMT
 - Issuer: Gandi Standard SSL CA 2, Gandi, Paris, Paris, FR
 - Fingerprint: 43:82:9E:5D:66:7E:A1:75:C5:ED:66:9A:BF:33:F3:59:6A:E5:AC:93

using TortoiseSVN version 1.14.0, including OpenSSL 1.1.1g 21 Apr 2020, which should have this problem resolved?

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Updated by Go MAEDA about 1 year ago

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The problem appears to have already been fixed.


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