Feature #33602

Add an interface to filter activities by user

Added by Go MAEDA 5 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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The activity page already has a feature to show the activities of a user, but there is no UI to do it on the page. You have to go to the profile page of a user (/users/:id) or rewrite the URL by hand.

It would be nice to be able to select which user's activities are displayed on the Activity page, like Trac.

trac-timeline-by-author.png (307 KB) Go MAEDA, 2020-06-16 16:28

feature-33602.patch Magnifier (3.2 KB) Mizuki ISHIKAWA, 2020-07-16 07:06

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#1 Updated by Go MAEDA 5 months ago

  • Related to Feature #7322: add ability to filter the activity page added

#2 Updated by Mizuki ISHIKAWA 4 months ago

I will attach the patch.
I wrote the code to generate user options based on the code to generate the Author options in the issues filter(Query#author_values).

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