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Sum columns in reports

Added by Bevan Rudge over 12 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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It would be nice if Redmine could operate on all the values in a group/column of an issues report in order to, for example;
  • Show the total estimated time
  • Show the total/average progress/level of effort/priority

It would be nice if this was done for groups (if the report is grouped by) and for all the groups (or the total if there is no grouping for the report).

The attached screenshot shows an example of this. It was created using the attached javascript in a JS console like Firebug.


Estimate_total.jpeg (36.4 KB) Estimate_total.jpeg Bevan Rudge, 2011-06-07 23:37
total-estimate.js (1.17 KB) total-estimate.js Bevan Rudge, 2011-06-07 23:37

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Updated by Ruedi Silvestri over 12 years ago

+1 it would even be very valueable if such calculation could also be enabled for custom fields.

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Updated by Terence Mill over 12 years ago


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Updated by fake plastic tree over 12 years ago

+1 this would make reporting much more powerfull.

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Updated by Tony Marschall over 12 years ago

There is a plugin providing this feature:

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Updated by Mischa The Evil over 12 years ago

Tony Marschall wrote:

There is a plugin providing this feature:

Thanks for pointing this out, Tony. It looks like a useful plugin which will fullfill a lot of requirements looking at the issues at (see below). I've did a quick compatibility-test on source:/trunk@7623 and everything seems to work as expected (what I already expected to be honest :).

Regarding this issue: it is actually a duplicate of already multiple issues filed here at I know some out of my mind (euh, without looking it up). For now I'll just add these as issue-relations. I'll see if I can find more "relatives" and if they can be combined into one (or more) generic issues in time... Here we go:

Btw: A quick comparison of the available patches in all these issues against the solution implemented in the above mentioned plugin gives me the "feeling" that the best way to implement such a feature in a (current) stock Redmine is to use this plugin instead of patching the Redmine core yourself.

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Updated by Lionel VEILLEPEAU over 12 years ago

It will be better in the trunk, the redmine_spent_time_column plugin doesn't work with the redmine_xls_export plugin.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 8 years ago

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I think this issue is fixed by #1561.
If you have more request, please create new issue.


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