Redmine 4.2.7 and 5.0.2

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Redmine 4.2.7 and 5.0.2 have been released and are available for download, you can review the changes in the Changelog.

These maintenance releases fixes some important issues and multiple security fixes that were found in the latest Redmine 4.2.* and 5.0.* versions.

  1. Updates commonmark gem version to 0.23.4 when Ruby >= 2.6 is used in order to fix a remote code execution vulnerability. Because the fixed version of the gem doesn't support Ruby 2.5, those instances that are using Redmine 5.0.*, Commonmark and Ruby 2.5, it is highly recommended to update Ruby version to at least 2.6 because it's the only way to get the update and the fix. Also, the next major Redmine version (5.1.0) already dropped support for Ruby 2.5 (#37159).
  2. Updates jQuery UI to 1.31.1 to fix 3 medium severity XSS vulnerabilities
  3. Fixes unauthorised Information Leak in QueryAssociationColumn and QueryAssociationCustomFieldColumn when the user has no permission to view on the associated object

Many thanks to Liane Hampe and Felix Schäfer for reporting these security issues and to Holger Just and Felix Schäfer for their work on fixing all these issues.


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Thanks to all contributors!

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Thank you all for your efforts!

As always, we have updated the Redmine Security Scanner to fully recognize the new versions. Feel free to subscribe for a regular scan to get email updates whenever the security status of your Redmine changes.

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Many thanks to the Redmine core contributor team for implementing especially the security fixes so quickly! 😊

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Viva la Redmine Community! Thank you all