0.9 feature freeze

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 14 years ago

The 0.9-stable branch was added in r3244.
A release candidate will be made available in a few days but you can start testing it by checking it out at:

It runs with Rails 2.3.5 so make sure you have the proper gems installed.

gem install rails -v=2.3.5

Here is a quick summary of the major improvements that 0.9 brings:

Unlimited project nesting

In previous Redmine versions, project hierarchy was restricted to only 2 levels (root projects and one children level).
You can now create parent/child projects without any limitation.
Internally, the project hierarchy now relies on nested sets to avoid performance drop on deep project trees.

Versions inheritance

Projects can now share their versions with other projects in different ways.
Each version of a project can be shared with:

  • subprojects
  • projects in the project hierarchy: ancestors + descendants
  • projects in the project tree: root project + all its descendants
  • all projects

User groups

You can define user groups and add groups to projects with their own permissions.

User permissions

Users can now have multiple roles on a project.
This makes it easier to combine different sets of permissions.

Project creation by non-admin users

Non-admin users can now be allowed to create projects or subprojects.
Two permissions are available:
  • create project: this can be given to registered users so that they can create root projects
  • create subprojects: this can be given to project members (eg. project managers) so that they can add subprojects to their projects

Project copy

Administrators are now able to copy an entire project with its data (members, issues, versions...).

Issue list improvement

  • Dynamic columns selection
  • Sort on multiple columns, including custom fields
  • Issue grouping
  • Ability to adjust custom query filters without editing the query


Added by Shane Pearlman about 14 years ago

Wohooo ... nice work folks!!!

Added by Prof. Dr. YoMan about 14 years ago


Added by Mischa The Evil about 14 years ago

Seems to me that Redmine 0.9.0 is a great release... Congrats to Jean-Philippe and Eric for their great work!

Many thanks... ;)

Added by Andrea Campi about 14 years ago

Yay to 0.9, we've been running on trunk for a few months now and the new features are a big improvement.

I would like to nominate #3782 for inclusion in 0.9.
I understand the idea of a feature freeze, but this is a fix for a very boring (if not very disruptive) bug: downloading a PDF file results in file name whatever.pdf.html.
It's bad enough that the file doesn't open directly instead of just downloading, but having to rename it is a silly waste of time.

Added by Val Budkin about 14 years ago

Project nesting is great feature! Many thanks!

Added by Jean-Denis Vauguet about 14 years ago

Version sharing is a killer-feature. Thank you very much everyone!

Added by salt racer about 14 years ago

I've been running Redmine 0.8.3 for a while and I would love to upgrade to the 0.9 branch when it releases. However, I have never found any instructions on how to upgrade. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Added by frank huang about 14 years ago

To Paul Swagerty

You can see
And I have successed updated by following that guide.

Added by salt racer about 14 years ago


Thank you. I managed to get my installation upgraded.


Added by Anonymous about 14 years ago

Great work. Seems to me that Redmine 0.9 is will be a great release! Congrats to the developers for their great work! Thanks.

Added by Emilio González Montaña about 14 years ago

Good work!, thanks for this big effort (0.9).

Hope when I return to work (11th) the final version is released, so I could upgrade it.

Added by Jan Ivar Beddari about 14 years ago

Thank you everyone that contributes!

Best new features for my use cases are user groups combined with nested subprojects, and the revamped email integration (rdm-mailhandler.rb and related updates ..)

Added by Bionexo do Brasil Ltda. about 14 years ago

Almost all changes are expected for us. Multi subprojects, user groups, user permissions, etc.
Thanks a lot for this work.
I've doubt, how can I receive notifications about releases?

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I visited your blog for the first time and just been your fan. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday!

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Your views are certainly interesting and they give me much to think about.